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FedEx HeLL

Hermph!!! Not impressed with FedEX. Not impressed at all. Why? Because they are having massive hassles delivering our rings! First off they reckon they have the wrong address. They don't. Then 3 days running they say they tried to deliver and no one was in, but that they had left a calling card. Granted on one of those occasions no on was in, but there was no calling card left - at all - and the other times mum was in, waiting. And today I get a message saying that the rings have been delivered and signed for. YESTERDAY. To an S. Later. Who signed for them. Meanwhile some lass on the FedEx phones is telling my mother that the rings will... WILL... be delivered tomorrow morning. So.... why does the site say they have already been delivered to some S. Later punter??? Mum's been on the phone to FedEx, like I said, playing hell with them. Apparently the courier service FedEx have been using is being sacked anyway. And I've been on the email to the ring people in America letting


You know, you can't leave even a simple task to a man can you Now, mine and Yorkie's taste in music does not always coinside. And neither of us really play a lot of music either. So we don't have an 'our song', which makes choosing a song for our first dance a little tricky (as do comments such as "...oh. You want a SLOW dance??". There is always going to be a bit of me that wants Robbie Williams or Bon Jovi for our first dance... but as it is common knowlege that I fancy the pants off BOTH of those guys, it wouldn't go down very well . So that's my choices blown out of the window before we even start (It should be Robbie's "She's the one" or Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses"). Therefore I asked my beloved to come up with a tune. More than a year ago. And has he found one? Don't be daft! He's not LOOKED or even THOUGHT about it. And because I've mentioned it a few times over that last two weeks (every other day


I have actually managed to shift some weight! I know it should be inches I'm checking, not pounds, but I have lost my tape measure. So this will have to do for now I have lost..... ((drum roll please)) 2lb!!


Feeling the pressure a wee bit at the moment.The nightmares are back, and getting nastier. And I'm not sleeping so I'm grumpy too. Mind you, I am hormonal at the moment which does not help! HOWEVER! Went to see Sally-Ann yesterday, the hair and makeup lady. She has complimented me on my hair, saying it is in 'wonderful condition', and after much discussion we have agreed (grudginly) that I need to have about 3 inches taken off it to 'make the style nice'. For nice, read 'easy to do'... But as I hate having my head messed about with having my hair a bit shorter so that it wont be messed about with for quite so long might be a good idea. It'll grow back! Need to find some new styles to send her now though, as my original idea of half-up-half-down will cover the expensive embroidery and beading on my dress. I need some 'up' styles to send Mum so that next tme she sees Sally-Ann she can pass them on. Now... the makeup! Hee hee hee! I used to see

Baby's got BACK!

Far too bloody much of it! And rather than being an crappy americanisim for having a big arse, I actually do have a FAT BACK! The dress is actually a two piece thing. The skirt was a little on the snug side - I could do with losing maybe an inch of my hips. Fine. No problem. The top, on the other hand, gaps by a MASSIVE 6 - 8 INCHES!!!!! Heart broken barley covers it. Now, here's the REAL problem. Because of the embroidery on the dress, it can't be altered. So there are three choices: Lose 2 stone by June 13 - the final fitting Have a NEW top made, at great expence Have an aditional, removable 'panel' made and remove the buttons from the back of the bodice, repacing them with a lace up. Now, idealy I will lose the 2 stone. But as I have FAILED to lose any weight in the last three weeks there is no way I am banking on that! Having a new one made is OUT OF THE QUESTION. There is no way I can jusitfy the expence. After all, I am fatter now because I have over indulged myse

'Engagement' Photos

I have them....! And - apart from my double chin showing up in a couple of them - they are WONDERFUL! Sadly, my scanner fails to do them justice, and some of them have come out darker than they are, dusty (really should clean that plate) and just simply not as perfect as they are held in your hand. I've put them on my flickr site here . Please have a look! See how gorgeous my hubby-to-be is! I persoanlly am thrilled to bits with them, and I am having a couple of them framed. Hopefully I'll have got rid of that double chin by the wedding! Didn't know I had that!

No change again *sigh*

Getting a bit feb up now. Three weeks I have stayed at 12 stone 4 (172lb). And it''s getting me down. I know I have not been behaving the best when it comes to food, but I am getting physical stuff in too - allegedly enough to balance it out. Mind you, I am 'due on' next week, so maybe I'm just bloated, and I'll get a nice drop afterwards. I'm trying my wedding dress on tomorrow. I know I am a little thicker round the middle now than I was when I had my measurements taken to have it made. If it's miles too small I'm going to cry SO much! This dress has cost a bloody FORTUNE, so not fitting in it on the big day is NOT an option! I'm staying at Mums tonight and we're going to see the dress together tomorrow, which will be lovely, but the one and only downside to that is the amount of food Mum likes to serve! She's a real hostess, my Mum, and everyone gets fed wonderful food until they are fit to burst. It's not that the food is unhealth

Extra cash

Hee hee ... Richard (boss type chap at the dock) asked me if I fancied an additional cleaning job. Just a one-off, cash in hand. Maybe an hour or two tops. Well, I'm not stupid and I need cash to put fuel in the car so I can get over to Mums this weekend, and then over to Leeds to see my dress! So I said yes, and at 11.30 this morning when I finished doing the regular cleaning duties round the Dock I wandered over to Richard and waited politely while he finished dealing with one of the residents/customers. Presently he smiled and told me about a new custom long boat that had arrived at the Marina. It needed a 'professional' touch to get it spic and span for it's owners. And it's full of saw-dust. Fair enough. I can do a bit of dusting and hoovering for a bit of extra cash, so I packed up the stuff he thought I'd need, loaded up my little Micra , and followed him round the length of the marina. I thought he was having a bit of a laugh telling me to

Class Cancelled

Called up the sports centre today to double check that the pilates was still running. I used to do this class there a few years back, but had to stop when it was canceled. Seeing back on the the web site got me all happy - but I know what they're like down there and they might just be slack and not updated the web site. Good job I did too, because even though the class IS back on... it's NOT on tonight! GRRRRRRRRRRR! I could have done with it tonight as well, after finding out that my contribution to last nights Valentines meal - a small tub of Sundea each - turned out to be 19.5 points each! I can only have 21 points in a day! And I had only saved an extra 10 points for yesterday, so now I am on -5.5!

Hen Night Ideas!

Well, the plans to meet with Jill and Fran to sort the hen night have fallen though today. Fran is poorly, and Jill's baby boy is not too good either. But I will not be deterred! I am looking myself anyway! I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not, but my idea is to have a totally out of character pink, girlie, cheesy, utterly British hen night! It's going to be in June - either the first or the last weekend (so that's the 2nd or 30th) It means wearing silly pink clothes, drinking to excess, going to BLACKPOOL and taking in Funny Girls and the gay scene as well as calling into a male strip bar!!! And maybe a limo if I can afford it! Stuff I have found today Hotel I've been looking here and asked about availability around mid June: So far the site looks ok. There's these offers which look interesting too. The accommodation looks affordable so long as the cheaper ones aren't already booked up. £20.00 per person La


I've been LEARNING!!! And one of the best ways to learn script is to 'borrow' the free scrips available on the web, and alter them to suit yourself. So that's what I've been doing. See this 'About You' box over there to the right of the screen? The one with your name (assuming you keyed it in when you were asked), the time, welcoming you if you're new to the page or telling you when you were here last, and how long you've been here (and breath...). That's script that I found and adapted to suit this page. Cool or what??? Oh, and if you can't see it... maybe you don't have JavaScript enabled on your browser, which is a bit of a bummer because none of you will have a CLUE what I'm going on about. In which case, sorry, this post will mean nothing to you! And another little note: If you clear your cache of cookies, it'll all reset (I think...)

Happy Valentines Day

*smile* Aside from having to go to work and do all the usual, I am having a LOVELY Valentines day. I have a new game for the DS ( Animal Crossing ) and a book I have been wanting since I was 6 years old: Gobbolino, the Witches Cat !!! HOW THRILLED AM I???? And this evening I am putting my feet up while my beloved cooks me one of my favorite meals: home made meatballs in spicy tomato sauce with pasta *slurp* I even have a small bottle of Merlot to sip!

Mid Week Check-in

Well, Sunday's seem to be my day of screwing up the diet. This weeks treat was firends birthday lunch at a local pub. Starter: Salmon Salad Main: Turkey, Yorkshire pudding & veg with gravey Pud: A cup (litteraly, a small coffee cup) of rice pudding And over the rest of the day, about 7 Gin and Slimlines, and two bailies in coffee. WOOOOPS! Oh, and I think I cooked something when we got home, like a sausage butty or something, at gone midnight.... But I can do this though, I'm certain of it! Been trying the GI diet stuff this week. We'll see on Friday how well it's done - although it will be thrown off a bit tonight as my intended is cooking me his legendary meatballs for Valentines Dinner (yum yum yum)

Some nice design updates

Got some nice emails in my inbox this morning! First one coming from Rachel with a prelim' design for our wedding invites! She's a talented lady that one. I might have an art degree, but I can't do stuff like this. She's still looking for an ivy stamp to go up the side, and I've seen this and asked for green ribbon instead, but other than that I can't say a thing against the design! It's LOVELY! Just got to get of my bum and sort out what I'm going to have written inside! I think my other sister-in-law-to-be is being roped in to use her calligraphy skills there! I love my in-laws-to-be! AND I'm NOT just saying that because I've sent them the link to this page :OD I've also had an email from the lady at Sweetchestnut about my tiara. She's sent me a couple of photos of the demo tiara, which looks great too. You know, this is how impressed I am, she took one look at the detail photo I sent of my dress and found the exact same crystals to put

No change this week

Although that should not come as a shock, since on Sunday I was taken to n all-u-can-eat chinese.... and boy was it good! And wasn't I naughty!!! If anything I actually am shocked. Shocked that I haven't had a GAIN! Although my excerise has stepped up a little bit; I've stared staking my Avon books out again, which means about half to three quaters of an hour walking added onto my week. And I live in a VERY hilly area! The rest of the month does not bode well though. For the next 3 sunday I have birthdays to attend... and in just over a week... a wedding dress fitting!!!!! So I am having to be extra strict with food for the other 6 days of the week. I have picked up a magazine with GI stuff in. I'm not knocking WW on the head, no way, but I am going to blend WW with Rosemary Conley (RC) GI stuff too. Which means, having GI meals that fit into my WW Points. Or, to put it another way, not just the right portions, the right, filling foods too. For example this morning, ion


I was just glad to be home and working on the computer again today. I was at the dock this morning and it was SO COLD that the cloths were starting to freeze up inbetween uses! Yorkie was worse off at his place of work though, as when he went to spend a penny, the water in the loo bowl was frozen and he had to bash it through with the bog brush before he could have a proper pee! I did ask why he didn't just pee a hole in the ice, but apparently he tried that and it didn't work. He said it was filling up fast and he had to break the ice before it over flowed, and there was not way he would have been able to flush other wise! Hee hee hee!

More Tiara News!!

Had a massive break through with the tiaras! And it looks like the tiara I have posted about only a day or too ago might be given to Jacquie to wear! Plus the neccklace and earrings I bought to go with it. Why? Because these lovely people at say they can make me a tiara that MATCHES OUR RINGS AND MY DRESS!!!!!!! Really! It will be a bit more expensive than the one I have already ordered, but still reasonable. I'm emailing back and forwards with the lady there on the design, adding a bit here and a bit there and really being a bit of a fuss pot with the poor woman, and pushing the price up for myself in the process, but it's going to be worth it! This is what she knocked together for me as a demo to see if she could actually make the knot into a tiara: Now imagine that with a few well placed green crystal beads and pearls... It's going to be wonderful!

I'm not really slacking!

Really really I'm not. My wedding blog is getting some posts. It's 5 months today to the big day and it's taking up all my time at the moment, what with sorting out paying for the wedding rings, choosing and booking the honeymoon, having a test run with the photographer and god knows what else I seem to have very little time left over for anything else. I am also still working the cleaning job, while studying part 2 of my degree, rebuilding the Battle Heaven and PamperDayZ web sites so that they are merged into one site which also incorperaptes the web design side of my business, getting back into my Avon locally (I've missed out catalogues 1 - 3 and all the sales that go with them, damn!), and re-designing Juvy's site so that it is using CSS (which it wasn't before and was causing me much hassle with seasonal alterations).... I'm a wee bit shattered and my blogging has suffered as a result. Mainly because - aside from the wedding stuff which goes elsewhe

'Dry Run' with the photographer

A big day today... Down to Towneley to see the wedding photographer andhave a free trial. The chap seems very nice, dry sence of humor, a bit of a perfectionist, but lets face it. Wedding Photos. They want to be perfect, right?? Me, Yorkie and Mark went down to mums for lunch ad then drove over to Towneley, had some snaps done of me, me and Yorkie and me and mum. Mark dodged well out of the way, lol! And then we had a good wander round the Hall - I think Mark was pretty impressed. Or at least he seemed to enjoy himself. We should be getting the photos some time from this weekend. I'll scan some in and show you all. Here's hoping they're nice! Or else we'll be looking for a new photographer!


They have been paid for!!!! Mum has loaned us the money for the rings and honeymoon, as soon as she gets her statement we start paying her back (maily because the rings have been paid for in USD so we need the GBP amount, and the currency convertion charge, to know what we're paying her back). The honeymoon is next!


Got this message from the Tiara people: This is a refund for the Tiara Silver Emerald, item number TA_202_Emerald. I appologize that this tiara is out of stock and the manufacturer has told me it will be discontinued. So sad about that! HOWEVER!!!! I have gone ahead and bought a different one. Not my first choice, but a very close second. Here's a link to the seller so you can view how it can be worn (while the link is available, it is eBay after all!)

A testing time

And hasn't it been just that! OMG! My weight has been up and down! In my deffence, I have had a nasty time of it, what with problems at work (like not getting paid until almost a week late) and the stresses of family memebers landing on my door step and staying for a week, bringing all their bad habits to tempt my (almost non existant) will power! I gained 4 pounds in the week that the family were here! And it's taken a week to shift it again! So I am starting Feb at the exact same point I was at back on my last post on the 12th of Jan. I am 172 lb again. Here's hoping that Feb will be a bit more successful! I'm hoping to lose between 6 and 8 punds this month!