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I'm watching it!

Hee hee! Got to work this morning and the boss siad that we could watch the royal wedding! Woo! The frock is nice enough. Not my taste - I cannot STAND lace - but it suits her well and flatters her figure without being tarty. I have to admit I may be a little disapointed that it wasn't something massivly over the top but I think she made a good choice. Watching them make their vows I think I can believe that he does love her, she looked a little stiff (prob nerves) but with a little luck this one might last the distance. I hope so any way. Jack made me laugh this morning. He came into our bedroom while I was getting ready for work and asked what I was watching on the telly. I said it was the news. Hw asked why, so I told him it was the royal wedding today so it was a bit special. He asked why again, and I said we were getting a new princess. *sigh* This turned out to be the wrong thing to say. "I want a new princess mummy! Want a princess NOW!" "Do you

Tom's First Easter

Easter Sunday 2011 Originally uploaded by chiggster I think this happy little marshmallow filled face says plenty about how much my kids enjoyed easter this year :oD >>>See the photos<<< It goes with out saying that we now have enough chocolate in this house to last until Christmas - even with me and Tom as certified choc-o-holics! We went to stay with my mum over easter. She put on an easter egg hunt round her house for the kids to find choccy eggs. The weather was amazing so we had a day up at Towneley Park & Hall - where Jack took his trike and had his face painted, and a day at the local play ground on Park Road - where Tom fell alseep in the roundabout/nest thingy. We even got the paddling pool up on Nana's back lawn and had a water fight! It' a good job the weather was nice too, as Tom was pretty unsettled at night (even though he was in the same bed, in the same room, with the same toys as he usually is when he sleeps fine) and wound up in bed w

Royal Wedding Tomorrow

I'll be working, and I'm not that bothered to be honest. I'll google the dress and the rings, and I wish them well and all that (I do quite like the Royals in the main) but I'm not really keen on watching hours and hours of it on telly. Some things have caught my interest though, like this Operation Pumpkin I've read about in case Kate gets cold feet. Very unlikely. But I  like the story :oD So as I will be working tomorrow and unlikely to get on here... good luck for the wedding Will & Kate, I hope it all goes well. (Look at me, writing as if they're ever gonna read it! Ha!)

Can't believe how little time I have....

It seems like I blink now, and I miss a whole week. Or even a month! Life is just so busy at the moment that I simply don't seem to have time to sit down and write this thing. Which is a real shame because I know I'll want to look back at it in hte future to when Jack was 3 and Tom was less than 1 and there'll be next to nothing to read :o( The last few weeks have been bonkers though. After Jack's birthday it all went down hill.... First off the kitchen cupboard fell off the wall onto my head, breaking pretty much all my glasses and scattering foot all over. The cupboard is now in the livingroom taking up too much space, and the kitchen is a bomb site since we have just lost 1/4 of our storage! And then we all got struck with Gastric Flu which was pretty horrid! Jack got it first, on the Wed night he started bing sick. On Thu (when I should have been at working making up for not going in on Jack's birthday) I ended staying home because Mark was feeling rotten and t