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So the good news is: The PayPal account has not been broken into and the password changed un-lawfully. Hooray! It was Andrea who changed it, and what's more, she's TOLD Glenn that when she did it! back on Nov 1st!

The Muppet had forgotten!

So anyway, I'm back into the paypal account. Not that it resolves anything, the account is still on hold because it's overdrawn, and it will only become active again once the outstanding balance is cleared (with a cheque only from some bizarre reason) and once a disgruntled customer has been paid off.

If Glenn had just left the money in the account that I had kept there, there wouldn't be a problem now, but that's MM for you.

If nothing else, I know how NOT to run my company!

Me and Andrea went out last night. We just went to the Litten Tree, and got comfy on a soft blue settee. We didn't even drink much, just nattered about stuff - largely MM naturally! And our general conclusion to the night is that "her" head must be spinning!!

"She" has NO idea what's going on with MM, the way she likes to make out. She has no idea about my BH, and has come up with SOOO many theories about it and me that are WAY off the scale! Naturally, good old Ste is helping her in this. Not that I think he means to - I don't know his feelings on any of this or any of us, be we do know that he tells her things she doesn't need to know, and that he generally gets it wrong anyway.


  1. She seems to have had no idea that Andrea was coming back to MM, and was horribly shocked to discover this - and she tells us that Glenn tells her everything.....

  2. She didn't know that Glenn had taken Andrea to dinner when he asked her to come back, Ste SAW them in the restaurant (banged on window, pointed at both with shocked expression) and will no doubt have told her that he thought he saw, as ever since she has made a big effort to "remind" Andrea that she and Glenn "go out every weekend". Don't believe her

  3. She didn't know Glenn went to Preston every Thursday (EVERYONE ELSE knew that, not just me and Andrea, HA!)

  4. She didn't know when Glenn was going away on holiday - we do!

  5. She seems to think that a link on the MM web site, which read: "Faults with this web site? Contact Charlie" with a link to my personal email address was a method I used to steal customers away from MM, that I was using it to "promote my own interests". Mmm, I maintain that web site. If they don't contact me regarding a fault, who DO they contact? DUHHH!

  6. She says I haven't updated the web site since January. Not only do I update it every week, there is an auto-changing update log on the front page which tells anyone and everyone viewing when it was last updated. Thick bitch!

  7. She is telling Glenn that my BH web site is a "franchise" - clearly I'm not capable of doing anything on my own.....

  8. Thanks to something Ste said, she also believes I work a long way from home, such as Manchester..... This is all because one day when I was collecting my payment I said "I'm glad I've got this, I need to put all of it in my car" referring to fuel. This was £50. So OBVIOUSLY I was driving to Manchester. This theory of theirs is supported by my Skype phone number of the BH web site contact page, which happens to start 0161, a Manchester code. But ring it, and you get through to my on my PC in my home office - here in Lancaster!
Basically, she knows nothing. Apart from just being thick, she actually has NO information either. And she hates it! She tries SO HARD to be manipulative, and she just isn't clever enough for it to work! Andrea has cottoned on to her now, and is no longer going to be fooled into thinking that the woman knows stuff and letting out information assuming she already knows. This is driving her crazy! She's not been able to get anything out of me that I didn't want known EVER, and best off all, I'm never around when she is for her to try to get anything out of me - which is why she's working over time coming up with all these stories.
The down side of cause, is that she's spouting all this shit to Glenn. I'd like to think that he knew me better than to think that I would try to screw him over. I don't want to. I could do very easily, but why would I want to do something like that? I am a nice person after all, not a total bitch-slag-from-hell.

It is the general opinion at the moment that Glenn is suffering from paranoia, and I don't want to be part of that. If Glenn was to ask me out right what I was doing, I'd tell him. But he has never, is not likely to ever ask, and after getting the assurance I needed in that email, I doubt he really cares. So long as I do the work he wants me to do, to a standard he is happy with, all's well and good.

And "she" can get as pissed off as she likes. It just makes the days I am there all the more entertaining!
I wonder if she knows we're all laughing at her?
I wonder if she'll find this blog?
After all, I don't hide it. Wouldn't the fireworks fly then........? Hee!


Mabel said…
Glad the paypal is safe. I've had a few hacking scares before. All but one time turned out to be my own stupidity combined with a bad memory...

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