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I've been "productive" today!

Yes, believe it or not, I have actually done a LOT of work today! Loads in fact! Basically, I have been pushed into getting off my arse and contacting a less talkative supplier regarding a certain painting contest (with a grand total of 1 enterant!) and a desperate need for terrain packs. Not only did I manage to get across that I was "highly miffed" that they had taken a payment without contacting me first (responsible punter will be "slapped"), I have managed to get a reasonable deal on the postage of my stock, and built a new page of stock for the web site. Not sound like much? Trust, me, it's a lot of work, and most of it is very dull click-click-copy-paste-click-click work. But it's done, and it's up on the site and it looks quite nice, so I'm happy with my self. So ner!

I think I shall reward myself with a couple of hours of Simming before I got to pick Yorkie up!

My moods still a little off. I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning, and Yorkie says I was making random scarry sounds in my sleep all night, so maybe I didn't get such a good nights rest. I had managed to pull up the fitted sheet and wrap myself up like a mummy again! I feel nibbly and want to stuff my face with crisps and chocolate, but I've been good and only eaten fruit and soup all day. Very dull! It's a good job that I keep catching a glimps of my new slimmer self in the mirror, otherwise I might be a little too tempted to buy a ton of junk food from the local spar, and hold up in bed stuffing my face for the rest of the day. But no matter how low I'm feeling, I really don't want to undo all the hard work I've out into this new body of mine. That has to be a good sign, right?

Dad called me this morning, from work. Not really sure why. He told me he was about to give his kids a maths test.... I think I could have got through the day without knowing that, but that's my dad for you. I asked him if he's got the money I sent him to put towards the new car - money he said he needed asap - and he's not even checked to see if it's there! And he asked me 3 times if I had managed to get the car taxed yet, when I'd told him yes the first time he asked. Poor old coots buggered in the head! He really can't cope with the fact that he's on the verge of retirement, and yet, he needs to finish working more than anyone else I know.

Mum's called too (I'm clearly popular with the family today), she'd only just got up having done an over night stint at the Samaritan's last night. She wanted to know if I was ok to come and see her on Tuesday next week, she wants me to come and see her soliciter again for the final signing of the house papers. Yay! Yorkie's working so it'll just be me that day. She sorted out the house insurance too so that's all done and dusted and all I have to do is sign my name and it's MINE! How wonderful is that? She's also got Nan's Christmas present sorted out, and I think she'll be asking me to take it over for her (after all, Nan is dad's mother, not mum's).

I'll have to get my arse into gear and get down to St Helens to see Nan soon, and go and see Jacs in Warrington in the same trip. I think I'll be doing that on my own too though, as it might mean staying the night at Jacs (if she's ok with that) and Yorkie's not going to have that kind of time off work this side of Christmas. Shame, but it does mean I'll get to spend some time with Jacquie and her girls, maybe take in a days shopping (Weee!) without having poor Yorks borde out of his skull! I still owe Jacs £35 too, so I'll have to get a move on! In fact, I think I shall text her now!


My "Points of Intrest" in the UK News Today (Links to the BBC Web Site):

Face Transplant - Brilliant news (Unless you've seen Face Off, lol!)
"Mercy Killing" of Son - I can't imagin being in his shoes. Is there a right or wrong in this? I wouldn't like to be the one who had to say.


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