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Mooching about.......

I'm still feeling fed up and full of self pitty. I still feel a bit sick, although I have had some soup since coming home.

MM was dull. Nothing much going on there. Well, nothing more than the usual. No stock, no paying customers, phone constantly ringing with suppliers on the other end complaining that no one is dealing with the debt on their accounts. None of it being my problem of couse! We did get a phone call in the shop from a web site customer wanting to buy something, but we didn't have it stock so they've gone else where.

There's no building work going on - obviously - and I was wondering if there was going to be any comments made on that fact, but nothing filtered back to me. See, very dull. Probably because SB is off work. I think it was last week that she had an operation, and wont be in for a couple of months or so. While I don't wish pain on anyone (even her) I don't miss her presence in the building - apart from the lack of gossip!

Still, I had a nice chat with Darren, and I got to show off my car when I came round with it to take Lancaster's order. Ste still thinks it's awfull! But I knew he would. Daz was taking the piss too, telling me I needed to have red furry seat covers and matching dice and even bright red wheel trims. I don't think I'll be taking his advice! Lol.

The trip to the Lancaster stall was reasonably humerous though. Paul had spoken to FB on the phone (as she is supposed to be in charge while Glenn is away) and she apparently can't understand why Andrea's left. He said she's told him she "wasn't rude or anything" on the phone to Andrea. I almost chocked! Not rude??? Really??? I see. I think I'll take Andrea's word of FBs some how! I feel sorry for those boys today though, Paul and Jason. The market stall is open til 9 tonight, and it was dead at 2 this afternoon! Paul said all they get in at that time of night are kids and drunks! What fun they'll have!

I tried to do a bit of Christmas shopping after I left the lads, but I couldn't get my head into gear. Andrea couldn't make it. One of her little girls is sick and in need of her mum, which is fair enough. We'll meet up later on. In the end I bought a new scarf and handbag for myself! I did go to the new posh sweetie and health food type shop though and put together some nice yummy stuff for Dad and Fay for a hamper. There's no point in buying them a "thing" like a book or anything, or any gift experices like I normally do as they'll be off to France soon, and most of what stuff they do have is in storage, so I thought some nice Christmasy food, herbal teas and sweets would see them right. It's all posh stuff though, not your pik n mix crap. That's paid for, and all I have to do is wait for the phone call to say it's ready to pick up and that's another prezzy sorted.

That means I've done (for my side):

Mum & John
Dad & Fay
Jacs & David
Jacs Daughters
Half of Andreas (not saying what coz she reads this, hee hee hee!)

I still have the other half of Andreas to do, my Nan (Flowers I think, and maybe some chocs to go with them), Antoni (Step Brother I can't get out of buying for), and a little something postable for Angelina, and I'm done. Advantage of a small family!

Yorkie's on the other hand, is HUGE! He knows what he wants to buy him mum, but we can't find it! And there's still a sister to buy for, brother in law, offical step dad (half bought for), unoffical step dad and sundry others! Luckly we already have brother and one sister bought and done, and the nephews were sorted weeks ago. I don't know for sure how many people he's planning to buy for! I loose track!

And of couse I still have my wonderful man to buy for. I have ideas of what I want to get for him, but I'm not posting them on here, not just yet (I'm never sure if he reads this or not. He knows I have it and laughs at me for it! Ratbag!)

Thinking about getting my Christmas decorations out of the attic now. Maybe I'll feel a little more jolly with my tree and decs up. I don't have many, and they've not been out for years because we're not here over Christmas, but with Yorkie working so close to the "big day" I think it would be nice to trim up for a change. I might just take a photo of it for you all when I get round to it!


Donna said…
Hi CB ... I found your blog via The Manx Lads and it inspired me to blog about Depo-Provera - you may like to have a read!! (I don't usually make a habit of using comments to promote my blog -but I have experience of taking Depo long-term) Hoping to have a look back thru yr recent entries later ...

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