Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wedding List.... (OMG)

A new kitchen....

Really! We need one!

So I've been saying to people that we'll want either B&Q or Ikea vouchers... Only I can't say which yet because I haven't choosen which one I like best:

B&Q Oak Shaker style: (on froogle) (on their site)

Ikea: Tildaholm

BECAUSE... our kitchen is REALLY badly laid out, the storage is dropping to bits, the seal round the sink is black and festering, the oven hasn't worked for YEARS (the hob and grill are ok though), the seal on one of thef ridge doors has gone too, and the floor... half tiled, half bare concret!

But now I have to choose which one I like best, and get the measurements sorted out, and then get the prices for what I can have in the space we've got...


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