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These Boys Of Mine

Just look at this lot!

That would have been a wonderful photo had the Hubby not pulled a face, hahaha! He maintains the kids set him up and had been pulling faces too right up until I took the photo.

He'll say anything though, my Hubby, so it's up to you if you believe him! Hee hee!

I love this bunch of lads though - Hubby included. There are day (more frequent at the moment due to me being up the duff) that I shout and growl at them, when they drive me crazy and I feel like I would do just about anything to get an hour or so peace and quiet.... but in truth I love them all more than I would ever put into words.

My Husband: The source of my strength, my rock, the one person in this whole world who can make me laugh every single day without fail. Even when I'm mad at him!

Jack: He is so much like his father it is almost scary! He is my pride. So smart, so kind, and already displaying the same scene of humour as his daddy too.

Tom: Probably the one I will worry about most for the rest of my life! I can see so much of my dad in him. But he is as sharp as they come, and so creative.

George: It's hard not to adore someone who loves you "best". My littlest man reminds me of my mum, and I can see myself in him too. You are never short of a cuddle or a kiss when Georgie is around!

I simply cannot wait to meet the final addition to our family. Boy or Girl. There is so much love in this little home of ours. My boys all love each other so much - they spend much more time playing together and being affectionate than they do arguing (which I will enjoy for as long as it lasts). Hubby loves us all, takes care of us, supports us, picks up the slack when I'm pregnant and exhausted! I love all of them. And even when I get my much craved peace and quiet, I spend most of it thinking of them, missing them, writing about them and looking at pictures of them. Soppy 'ol Mumma Walker!

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