Thursday, October 16, 2014

Eddy the Sock Teddy

Meet Eddy Teddy!

It's amazing some of the things you can find in the pound shops in town. I'd trawled them all this week looking for bits n bobs for Jack's homework project, and stumbled across this Sock Teddy Kit. I figured "for a pound... what can I lose if it's just tat?"

It's not just tat.

It's a Crafty Kidz Make Your Own Rainbow Teddy Bear. I'd share a link with you for them, but I cannot find them on Google at all. The kits are for sale all over eBay though.

In the kit you get a sock, some stuffing, thread, needle, and the buttons for the belly, eyes, and nose. And very simple instructions.

I spent a very chilled evening sat with my feet up and the telly on, snipping, sewing, and stuffing. And voilà! One cute little bear. Although - as someone on Facebook said - it looks less like a bear and more like Henry's Cat on Acid. That suits me fine though!

The kids adore it! I have been ordered to return to the pound shop and buy another 3 kits so that they can all have one. Sadly there were none left. But I do now have the instructions... and kids who lose socks ALL THE TIME making an almost infinitely sustainable supply of odd socks. I even have a big bag of stuffing left over from a previous craft project. So all I need to ebay now are some cute buttons!

Prepare yourself for more sock critters popping up on the blog between now and Christmas!

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