Monday, May 16, 2016

Tom is invested into Beavers!

Tom has been waiting for tonight for AGES... since Jack was invested almost 2 years ago in fact. And I almost went and missed it because my car battery was flat coming out of work!

But I did make it, just - and because I wasn't home in time to take him myself and Hubs had to haul everyone to the hut just to get him there - the whole family got to see him make the Promise and get his Necker, World Badge, and unit badges.

Just look at his little face!!! So pleased and so proud!

He's off on his first camp at the weekend, and he'll be able to go with Jack too (because Jack isn't invested into Cubs until next month so is still a Beaver) which is awesome because he is just a little shy still.

Well done Tom on becoming a fully invested Beaver and part of the Scouts! So proud of you Blondie!

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