Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Ok, back into rant mode! Seems like all I use this for is to sound off!

My interview with Micro Markets has been postponed until Friday. Appartently they forgot about me and arranged to see the accountent instead.


Had mum and John over today. They met me in Morecambe after work - having called into work to see me already too.

Mum's not at all well. She's got his cough. Had it for months now and it's not clearing up. She's seen three different doctors and only got sent to the hospital for an x-ray last week - and it was a locum that sent her not her own doctors. I remember whatthese doctors were like, they were mine too beofre I left home. They're shite! She wont get her rersults back for at least two weeks and they haveno idea what's wrong. Although they were asking if she had been in contact with any asian children - could she have some into contact with anyone carrying TB!!!!! (in her old job as teacher twice asian children brought TB into the school, i'm not beng rasist. Every TB insident in my home town in the last 5 years has been traced back to an asian family and it was an asian doctor who was asking her these questions so please dont give me hassle).

Needless to say I am VERY worried about her.

Work today... oh my god! And yesterday for that matter!

Yesterday - Caroles first day back from holiday - thank god! But she wasn't due on until the afternoon, I was opening the shop. Some one from the main counter had 'run' the shop on saturday morning. Run it into the ground that is!

1) They couldn't find the stamp bag - it was exactly were I had left it; in the correct place

2) They had left the stamp draw keys in the draw - they need to be in the safe

3) They had lost the till keys - can't close the till, have no way off keping the money safe when I leave the counter, I can't leave the counter to tidy or restock or help customers for the whole shift

I got complantes all day about the poor staffing on saturday and how they were glad t see me back, jez, I'm only the TEMP!

Carloe is clearly the ONLY one who knows what she's doing!

Today - still no keys and this time the stamp bag HAS gone missing!

I asked the counter girls if today was the first day of the new stamps. I know they come out on tuesdays and they were in the draw ready to sell, but I thought they weren't out till next week because we've just released some. "Yeah, they're out today" she says smiling sweetly. So I start selling the new stamps, talking enthusiasticaly about something I really don't give a damn about so that I sell more.

Carole comes in; "OH! You're not selling those are you? They aren't out till next week!"

Guessing that who ever had the shop on saturday brought them out too early!

I told her what I'd done and she agrees it wasn't my fault... but still... I hope to GOD that I get this Micro Markets job, I need out of this post office. They couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery!

Can't seem to get hold of my dad. Typical, he rings me when I want to be left alone, and when I want to speak to him to sort out when he's coming over I can't get him for love nor money!

Ok... feel better now. Rant over. Gonna try dad again. Hopfully I wont be back on tonight.

Tye again tomorrow - less stressed and with better typing. I hope!
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