Monday, September 22, 2003

I have found a great little rpg. I followed a few links from the dragon court site and arrived at It's free - always good - but you really need to have a popup zapper to play it without going completely bonkers because it seems to send one up every 5 or 10 mins. I have to restart my pc every couple of hours if I play for a really long time ( which I have been doing ).

It's got a chat room area where you can fight other players and the rest is a text based quest round this map and fight monsters type thing. It's loads of fun so long as your not wanting loads of fancy graphics.

I tried to get Yorkie as hooked as me, but the networked computers don't seem to like having that many popups going on all the time, not on both computers at the same time anyway, so he got a little stressed about it and went back to runescape.

The dragon court stuff is doing great though. I've signed all my Alzir Characters into the Yorkiling Beasts Clan and got most of them up to the second ranking. I've also created a set of Pallaton characters, but they are still pathetically low skill and can't join the clan for a couple more days at least.

So know you know what I'VE been doing all weekend! Well, the weather was awfull and we didn't have enough cash to go out - especially since my last payment from the job centre didn't turn up this morning as they had FAITHFULLY promised me it would do. Typical government run shite.

Oh, and I was almost a hour late for work today! I was supposed to catch a later train than my normal one this lunch time because I was starting at 1.05 instead of 12.35 which is my normal afternoon start time. I still got there in plenty of time... sat between platforms 2 and 3 as usual - because the train can come in to either of these depending on how many other rains have been delayed and need to use what ever platforms. BUT at the time I was expexting my train to arrive and announcment is made that my train is sat at the furthest platform from where I am ( p 5 ). So I legged it off to catch this train - which promptly pulls away! This is 12.26. The next train to Morecambe is 1.30, 25 mins after my shift starts. But I've already bought my ticket and thus can't afford to get a bus or a taxi to work. And I don't have the post offices phone number.

I called REED to get them to sort it out - but Emma (who I need to speak to) is unavailable. I pass on what has happened and ask that who ever I am speaking to gets her to cal me back. No such call happens. Next best thing I can think of is trotting of the Lancaster's post office - just done the road - to see if they can either give me the number or call through for me. Waited 15 mins, so no one who could help me ( did bump into Yorkie on his way back from Job Club, so at least I could rant at some one for a bit ). Called REED back who thankfully told me that the post office HAD been told that I was going to be an hour late. Could have rung me back though - bastards!

Yorkie came and sat with me for half an hour in the freezing cold and the wet while I waited for the next train ( BLESS! I love him you know ).

He's had a busy day too - as well as his first morning back at job club (under what ever name it's got now) he's also had to take Muppet to the vets again - where he got called Mr Oakes (hee hee hee). She slashed him really badly when he tried to get her in the box - but at least she went in this time. Her teeth are apparently better (even though we couldn't get her to take the tablets), but she needs more of the drop for her ears. So it cost another 25 notes for that - and the taxi there and back. Good job we both love her so much, shesh...

Gonna go and watch all my fave Paramount Comedy stuff now that's just starting. Laters all. X
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