Thursday, May 06, 2004


OK - It's not like me to post twice in a day, but I'm really pissed off!!!

It' Thursday, right? So me and Yorkie are supposed to be going to the cinema to use the free passes I've been given coz we advetise at work through the cinema. The film started 20 mins ago - and Yorkie is still sat in the pub spending money we dopn't have. Tea is ruined and my already bad mood is now fowl!

And to cap it all... there's no one for me to rant at about it. So I'm doing it here.


Wouldn't be so bad, but he couldn't even be arsed to call me and ask me to come down with him. Now he's gonna be too hung over to go to work tomorrow morning and I'll either end up havg a row with him to make him go, or he'll not bother and ruin the chances of getting job at the end of his placement.
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