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Ok, before you start to think that I have a habbit of opening peoples personal mail - which I don't - let me just say that A) Glann TELLS us to open his mail coz he's usually not there, and B) Any hand written mail - even addressed to Glenn - is norammly eBay stuff and therefore for me!

only had three bit of office mail - a promo mag, something for accounts (Andrea) and one hand wirtten envalope. I didn't even bother to read who it was addressed to, they are ALWAYS eBay payments. Ripped it open. No cheque. Ok, so it's a letter off a cuastomer, maybe there's a complaint and they havn't emailed for what ever reason.

Top line of letter says "I think you should know what your so called Girlfriend has been doing behind your back"

Pause - hessitate. Some fool thinking that I, Charlie, am a man, not a woman, and is trying to wind me up? Some disgruntled customer?? Picks up envalope. Clearly marked for Glenn....... panic sets in!

I handed the letter to Andrea without finishing reading it. Andrea reads it, and in a state of shock, hands it back. I read the rest (it's only quater of an A4 sheet). No signature - obviously. It basically claimed that Alison has been sleeping around with anything that has a pulse. We had already guessed this!

Mmmm What to do now? Glenn will know it's been opened and read, and that's our job, so he wont be mad at us, but he will be embarased that we have seen it. So bin it then? Shred it? But by keeping it away from him, are we interfereing? Ok, so we leave it on his desk then?? No.... we know what it says and it should be delt with delicatly. Just because they've split, doesn't mean Glenn wont be hurt or angree about the letter. Andrea offers to say she opened it - but she's really ill and has too much on, I can't ask her to do that. I say that since I opened and read it, it's my job to work out what to do.

Mention it to Gemma, she agrees.

So once Glenn arrives, Andrea goes home ill, I send Gemma to the shop for more printer paper, and I apprach Glenn, shaking and worried about his reaction. I explain why I opened and read it, that I stopped at the first line, an that it's probably just something and nothing, a sick joke or something. He reads it.

He Laughs!!!

He said that is probably not bull shit, but that who ever sent it is being vendictive, and clearly doesn't know he and Ali have split, or that Glenn is already looking for a new place to live. He says Ali will prob be upset by it, but that he will take it and show her anyway (??)

I told him I was stunned by him being calm, that I had torn my self apart trying to work out if I should even show it to him, and he laughed again, but thought it was sweet that I was so worried. I didn't tell him the others knew!!!

He was still in a great mood all day - even piping up from the back when me and Gemma were talking about how all gay men seem to still fancy Kylie that he liked her too (more suggestion of his being gay??????), but when he went to pick Ali up from Fest Market, he seemed a little more up tight. She was aat in his car, and he said "it's seems I'll be shooting right off...." and left again. He said a cheery bye bye, but he was harrased when he was bringing stuff in. Guess he showed her the letter.

Not going to see him now till Thursday. I wonder if he'll say anything about it?

Anyway, have to go and email or text Andrea, tell her he was ok, and see if she's fit for work tomorrow.

You know, I'm stunned we ever actually get any work done in this office!


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