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Had a pretty good weekend!

Went shopping with Fran on Sat morn. That was a laugh - I think she may have given up on me though. She seemed convinced that I would love the pink / flowery / patterened outfits she chose for me, and couldn't understand why I laughed as hard as I did. I'm sorry, hunny, this girl does not do pink, flowers or pattens. Not now, not EVER! She kept on saying that when I get really really skinny I'll change my mind. Nah, I don't think so some how! I could be stick thin or the size of a blimp, it not going to change the fact that I like black and earth colours. They're me! Not every big busted blond has to dress like barbie!

We met Sarah (having changed into my new very tight jeans and black Betty Bo t-shirt and nice little black buckle shoes) and she hardly recognised me. Maybe slightly tighter clothes aren't such a bad idea - so long as they aren't girly as above. Got plenty of looks off the local lads which was funny.

We went to see Troy - with the very naked Brad Pitt in. Very nice! Crap acting it has to be said, but the fight scenes are amazing.

Went back to Fran and Simons after the film to catch up with the Lads who'd watched the FA Cup Final (and were disgusted with the result) and proceded to consume much crisps, pizza and beer!

We had planned to go to the pub after, but we stayed later than we planned and by the time we came to setting off my poor feller had partaken in a little too much beer and not enough food - so we desided not too.

Prob a good idea though, since we knew they bloke I smacked the other month was gonna be out with his mates, and I really wasn't in the mood to go through all that again! I'm getting searched when ever I go to the Dark Place as it is without getting into another punch up.

Was thrilled to bits when I got to work today though.... My black leather corset top arrived!!!!! Natrually I just HAD to try it on right away! Looks damn good too! Tried with my bra on at work (red bra so that looked very vamp-ish) and with out when I got home. Talk about sexy! Even with my huge bust I can go without underwear in this! Cleavage all the way down!

Glenn seemed a little too keen on the top - I showed it to him, purely because he walked in just after I had got changed back into my work clothes and saw me messing with it when I should have been working. He then went on a great length about how sexy that must look, especially since I have lost so much weight and got such a great figure now. I told Alison about the top when she called up to chat to me, and she got very funny about it, saying how I shouldn't let Glenn see it - well, clearly by that time he HAD seen it! Not with me in it, but still......

Gemma and I were having a laugh about her having over £100 of her fellers money on her, I said we should go to the pub and sup it all, and called out to Glenn, would he like to go for a drink (he can always hear what we say, where ever we are in the office - spookie) and he jumped a little too fast at the chance. He seemed truely gutted when we said we were only joking.

Now Gemma thinks we should take him a gay bar - an idea me and Andrea have mentioned in the past, in a half joking sort of way! Mmmmm

Don't think I'll wear that top if we do though, no no no no!


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