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Mum's 60th Birthday!

You know, my Mum's the greatest! She bought me a house and a car, and "loaned" me two grand because I needed to get out of debt. And what does she want in return? NOTHING! On top of that, she's a wonderful sweet and loving person, very itelligent, with a cutting wit. She even works for the Samaritans, listening to other peoples problems down the phone, and not earning a penny for it. She also only looks 50 - not bad considering she was 60 on Saturday!

John threw her a party on Sunday, and even Yorkie desidied to go in the end (ok, so I manuplutaled him into going, but he liked it really, lol).

GUESTS (apart from us and john)

Step sister Joanne, her son Fergus (8), bf Steve and his daughter (NAME???)
Step Sister Julie, her twins John and Magda (4ish), and littlest son Leo (almost 1)
Step brother Antoni and gf (forgot her name - and she's not the psycho-activist John made her out be with without even meeting her)
John's batty (but great!) Aunts Joan and Mable (who got very drunk on brandy and champers, lol)
Mum's best mate Mary
Mum's other great mate Barbara (who though Mable was John SISTER! lol)
Bob and Kathline (who looked after me when I was tiny and mum had to go back to work - not seen them since I was 7!)

I haven't seen most of these people for YEARS! People like Mary and Barbara I haven't seen since Mum's 50th - and they crooned over me and how much I had grown up - lol, well, I was only 14 lat time they saw me! I spent AGES talking to Kath - who hasn't seen me since I was 7, but who had never had a day go past when she didn't think of me - she even told me the origin of my mysterious scar on my hair line that no one - not even my mother - knew about how I did it. Got attacked by an oven apparently! We also had a good slag about my dad - lol!

Mum got some great gifts, more champane than she can drink in a life time! Half of Thorntons chocolate production for a whole YEAR by the look of it - not to mention the holiday from John, and the whole house looks like a florists idea of heaven!

Yorkie had a good time - even if he maintains he didn't want to go. I was summoned away from my gossip in the kitchen to resuce him from the children, who had stolen his glasses! I found him in the front room, a twin on each leg, a baby wrapped round the back of him, and an eight-year-old sat on his shoulders, wearing his glasses!!! He was loving it really though - we almost lost him forever to a Bob the Builder tool kit and utility belt! (I know what I'll be buying him for this 33rd birthday in October now!)

As for today - went to work an actually did a lot of har graft - loads of stuff for Gemma to wrap, Andrea made it in for a bit, but she still isn't right yet. Glenn seemed a bit cheerer on the phone again, and instead of us ranting at or about each other, we ranted in unisen against other numpties. Much happier with that! However, he seems he may be having doubts about the internet sales side of the compnay. We're not making as much money as we should, and not as much as we were. Luckily, Andrea has tried to point out that NONE of us are doing very well....... But the truth is, we have a lot of negative feedback as a result of the week when I was away, and we have been working off the price lists that Glenn gave us that are in serious need of up dating - some thing which Glenn him self had admitted to being neglectful of.

But I know things will pick up. May be I should work on eBay my self more - rather than just having Gemma do it. I can list things a lot faster since I have been there longer and I know what I'm about a little better, not that she's doing a bad job, she isn't, but her future doesn't ride on it like mine does. I have some videos and other nick-naks to list on the web site, but after that I think I'll do some mental ebay listing and get the money up again...... I hope


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Now, we don't really do Romance, Yorkie and I. We're not the sort of couple that goes to posh restraunts, buy hearts and flowers on a whim etc, but last night we had a really sweet night. We didn't really do much that was classically romantic, it was the mood, the feeling in the air, if you know what I mean....?

I cooked us steaks for tea, which is always a winner for Yorkie (his second fav after anything pork) and had the candles lit in the front room. Not that I was going for a romantic atmosphere, I just like to have candles lit on cold dark nights.

We snuggled up on the settee together, watching nothing much on telly, all warm and cozy under a blanket, with the cat curled up o us. We'd been talking a little bit about the wedding and stuff, and about what my doc had said to me about what to do before we start a family. Yorkie's eyes went all soft and sweet, he was hugging me close and saying all the right kind of sweet thinks that I love to hear.

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