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My holiday

Well now..... where do I start?

Day one - Saturday

The car (my dad's) broke down (again - it's a tradition, or an old charter or something that we HAVE to break down on the way to go on holiday) with only 6 miles to go before we get to the Channel Tunnel. Green Flag say they'll come and tow the car, and dad says he's get a hire car to take us on holiday, as it was a bank holiday weekend, and the car wouldn't even get LOOKED at until Tuesday. Ever tried to get a hire car at 3.30pm on a bank holiday Saturday??? Impossible! Every where shuts at 1pm anyway.

The only hire car pl;aces open are at the airports. So that meant a 1 hour taxi ride to Gatwick (at £67.00). When we get there the car we booked has been given to some one else! So after much rowing and spitting out of dumbies we agree to take a very nice shiney new Land Rover. Lovely car, shame we can't fit all the louage in it. Dad and Fay have to pack for 6 months even though we're only going away for 6 days.

When we get to Dienville, it's shut, so Yorkie and I spend the night in a very cold and damp car, while Dad and Fay take the settees in the Games Room - nice for them.


In the morning we are shown to out Studio Apartment - which hasn't been finished yet. Holes in the walls, no bed for me and Yorkie, no running water, no gas to the oven, no toilet or shower. Loevly. Had a pointless wander and failed to fish the river at the back of the campsite - because we listened to Dad's method of fishing instead of doing our own thing

I am now starting with a cold.


Spent farting about, including fishing for half a day on the one track of canal which has no fish! Yorkie and I saw the fish 20 or 30 meters down the canal, but we were not allowed to fish there because Dad said so. We all have to sit together where there are no fish, and where he can keep an eye on us. I get a spider up my trousers, a bee in my cleveage and I am not happy! We also went to the supermarket and "looked at stuff", Dad's fav hobby

At least we got to move into an appartment today, with beds and a shower and a kitchen


After much stamping of feet we got to do something interesting. But only after we'd been to more shops to "look at stuff". We went to the local Napoleon museum. Old Bonapart went to school in the next village as a lad. He hated it there, but they all love him now, so we got to look at that for a bit. Bought a post card for mum.

Now it's raining and well as being cold


Woke up with a terrible sore throat. Mentined it to Dad, who just fobbed it off as an excuse to not go fishing in the pouring rain. As it happens I am more than used to fishing in the rain. I only mentioned it in the hope that I might get a warm drink made for me. Fat chance!

Fishing stared off poor. Dad insisted that we set up at the first availabale spot on out new fishing lake, having no real idea about the water apart from it having monster carp in there - that we stand no chance of catching with our equipment.

Now, normally, when you are fishing as a group, it is custom to exhcange information, such as bait, depth of water, float type etc. After all, we are just a little family out for a nice fishing trip. Oh no, not with my Dad! He lies and cheats - and it's always a competetion when he's catching most fish. He has to know how you're fishing, and then alters your rig to suit him. Funnily enough, he then catches the most fish. I've cottened onto his trick though, and brought some extra kit. It goes as such:

"Hey Dad, how deep are you fishing?"

"About 4 foot, a rod length and a half out"

So I check the depth with my new plummit weight. The water here is 12 feet. He's fishing a single length out. Not happy. Not catching fish!

Yorkie really pissed my dad off by catching a fish by accident! He was testing out the weights on his flaot - no bate on his hook at all, and when he lifted his pole, he caught a perch. First fish of the holiday! YAY! Dad then stamped and bellowed all round our fishing spot, scarring all the other fish away

Fed up with Dad, Yorkie went for a smoke and wonder. Came back about lunch time, having seen the fish ( the water of this lake it crystal clear so you can literally SEE the fish ). We pack up, eat lunch and move up the water, Guess who has to follow!!!

That day I cought 13 fish, Yorkie cought 29! Dad caught 8 (Fay caught 5). He'd been up and down the banking, insisting we fished by him, fished like him, the same depth and length he told us, and we refused. He said "You won't catch fish like that!" and went off in a huff when we instantly caught another 3 right in front of him.


Dad's in a huff coz we're not fishing. We want to see some of France. The closest thing to a city is Troyees, so after much faffing (And more supermarket "stuff looking") we ended up having just lunch in the city. He's stompinh around behind us saying "it's not up to ME what we do today...." when ever we ask what he'd like to do. The rest of us are happy to discuss and agree on something we'd all like to do. I am also VERY ill by this time. I had spent most of the fishing day with my feet in very cold wet trainers which had not helpped my cold at all. I now have an infected throat, a feaver and little to no appitite.

We managed to ignore my Dad's sulks and went on to to look at some Crystal manufactoers - I even had a bash at glass blowing. I made a tiny glass swan! So did fay. Yorkie opted not too with his now very long beared.

We also did a bit of the Champagne trail and visited some Champagne vin yards. We tried some very nice bubbly, got very special treatment, and both Yorkie and I bought some of the posh stuff for our Mums (Yorkie's mum's birthday was at the start of the week, and my mum is 60 later this month)


Back to the fishing lake. Dad said our spot (mine and Yorkies) had been booked by some one else and we could not fish it - funny how no one turned up and my Dad ended up fishing it.......... still only caught 8 (Fay got 1, but she didn't want to be there - hadn't dared say anything to Dad coz he would have bullied her all over again) while we pulled in a combined 68 fish. HA!


Packed up and came home - via tow truck! Dad's car is FUCKED! New engin time - again! This is the second new engine he's needed to put in this car (although he is now lieing about that, forgetting that Fay and I were there the first time too!).

All this has been interspaced with Dad fighing with Fay, bullying fay and generally being a twat - as usual. Now, Fay has not always been a person I feel sorry for. After all, she is the one my Dad left me and my mother for when I was 9 (no great shock - he also left his other long term mistress for her too, but that's another story) and I feel that anyone who intentionally gets involved with a married person - especailly one who has kids - deserves every piece of hell they get, but on the other hand, if he "loves" her sooooo much that he will abandon his family for her, suerly he shouldn't bring her to tears at every oppertunty,and bully her so much that her once fisty peronailty should wither away to one of total submission! Apart from anything, hearing tham fight all the time really brings you down. So I laid into him verbally. Every time he put her dwn or said anything demeaning, I did the same to him. Every time he tried to "score points" by proving himself better, I crushed him and pointed out what an arsehole he was, and how, when and why. Funny, he doesn't like it! Not one bit!

His constant sulking and total ignorance of others has fianlly got to Yorkie too, who has always just laughed at my Dad for being a twat and not ever taken him seriously. As we were packing up this morning to come home Yorkie came storming into the kitchen, shouting about how dad wont listen to a word he says, wanting to smack him in the head and announced that he will never go on holiday with him ever again! Can't say I'm too sorry about that. I only agreed to go this time coz Yorkie francied it.

Too cap it all, the promise of money (which Dad insted he'd give us even though we never asked or wanted it) never appeared. Yet another con. As was the promise of getting my car fixed while we were gone. Oh, no, doesn't even remember saying that, and he would never send my car to keith to get fixed. He doesn't even use him for his own cars anymore, far too expensive and blah blah. Guess who he's taking HIS car to on monday. Dad seens to think he can come to Lancaster - spend the weekend in my house (in my bed - me and yorkie have to sleep in the living room) so he can take my car to ATS. Well, no, I don't think so. I can do that myself - and I will be doing. I don't need his help, I certainly dont ask for it - EVER, and when he started telling the tow-truck man how his duaghter (me) is constanly begging for money etc I reminded him that I have not asked or expected anything from him for many years - nore will I be doing, and that his constant empty promises were always turned down now anyway!

All in all the holidy would have been great - even in the rain - had my Dad not been there with us. And to think he is STILL convinced that Yorkie and I are going to move to Frnace and live with him



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