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I offically hate my teeth! Had to go to the dentist again today - never spend like 8 years not going to the dentist, it doesn't make nastiness go away.... it catches up with you and hurts even more! I have had a numb face for 4 hours and fillings put in I woudn't not have had if I'd gone all those years!

Not happy!

Had a random thing happen to me yesterday that freaked me out to start with. I know I have my LJ on public, not restriced to friends, but I have to say that even though the whole world could read my journal.... people I actually know reading it didn't cross my mind (apart from you lovely people on my friends list, natch - and my paranoia about my Boss reading it *gulp*). So when I got an email from my ex Shaun I was a little gob smacked - stunned even!

Hi Shaun!

He sent me a sweet little letter though, reminding me why we had been such good friends back then and trying to reassure me that his relationship with Si didn't actually start until AFTER we'd split (don't want to open a debate about that one! Really I don't - it's in the past, we both moved on, and in all honesty, we were already over. There would have been no need to look for anything else other wise, so let's leave it at that ok? No lasting harm done either way anyway).

On a different tack - Mark and Ray turned up last night (just as I was having a panic attack at poor Akeate too, lol), wanting to organise Simons (of Simon and Fran, not Simon and Shaun) stag do - which is gonna happen the same night as the hen night now it seems. Mark ended up sucked into my new Sims game, and got a tad ticked off when niether Ray nor Yorkie wanted to go to the pub with him.

I had to laugh when Mark went on about how he hadn't eaten all day and was sooooo hungry - when I know from Gemma that there is a house full of food for him - he just doesn't bother to make anything for him self when he thinks Gemma will do it for him! Hee hee hee! Poor girl is loosing patience with him. And only a few short weeks ago she was boasting ever so proudly how they "never get angree / argue / rant". She doesn't seem to have twigged, but doing that is normal in a realtionship. Does't mean you're gonna split up or hate each other. You have to rant a little bit or you go mad and then REALLY have a fight!

(( Ranting and GRRRing in our language isn't actually having a fight for bitching, it's letting off steam, and making a point VERY strongly that you would like your other half to wash up some times, cook their own food when your not there, not use a different cup evry time they boil the kettle, not leave their dirty underwear in thr front room when your parent's are coming to visit etc. Its generally stated or followed with "I love you, but..." Generally, if you do this, you wont end up having a massive fight over something small and pointless years down the line, and end up throwing EVERYthing in your partners face. It has to work both ways though! ))

I have to say though - if they get thorugh this (and I'm sure they will) they'll end up together for the long haul - which'll be great! I wonder if they'll ever get the bed free? It's currently wedged 3 foot in the air, at the top of the stairs, between two walls and the banister..............................

Good luck guys XX


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