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Fume fume fume

Remember when I said "this must be one of the worst days on record" no so long ago? Srub that! Today was worse!

I took an hour to get to work today - where as yesterday took only 12 mins. Why? Because some arsehole thought it would be a great idea to set fire to our local chemical plant - which just happens to be halk way between home and work! It was tourched about 6am, and is still buring now, over 12 hours later.

When I get in, sure enought, Glenn has brought in his home pc for us to use until the other one is fixed. Off I go and set it up (with Claire getting in the way). Only I find that there is no network port in this PC. Nice of Glenn to notice and tell us. I pick out a newtwork card from the stock I have in (atually, one of 4 of the only one we have at the mo) and install it. PC proptly DIES!

Glenn accuses me of infecting it through the network. I "gently inform" him that I have not even connected the network cable to his useless fucking machine! He finds it all highly amusing and jokes about me killing computers - saying that his was perfectly FINE until I "got my hands on it". I'm about to KILL HIM!

Now Dave cannot come until thursday, so there is a flap on. I KNOW I have installed it correctly - it's only a damn PCI card for fucks sake, I could do it one handed, blind folded, standing on my head! He and Alison call back-up-guy Stuart - who is in Sweden! We are recommended to call back-up-guys mate, Mack.

Mack comes round - twice - and spends hours tinking with this PC. Thankfully, he agreed that I have not buggered it up at all. In fact - GLENN has buggered it up! HA! By downloading Chess games from the internet, he has filled the hard drive up with shite, oh, and a mega virus which has killed the virus checker, and the PC.

Ner ner na ner neerrrr, Glenn!

He's taking it away, scrubbing the hard drive and re-installing windows etc so we can have it back in the AM - minus Glenn's chess games (heee heee)

On the plus side, this meant that Claire was taken away from me, and sent to Festival market. I went to have a chat with Lynn and discuse our little spy problem. She agrees with me and Andrea!


In other news:

Something has been playig on my mind these last few days tat I have been trying to forget about, but I just cant.

During the Wedding Reception, while she was fraut and crying..... Gemma really put the wind up me. Now, when a mate of mine is crying, I do what I like people to do for me when I'm upset. I hug them, reasure them, and give them small kisses on the cheek, forhead etc. when I hug them.

Gemma went for my lips on more than one occasion, and gave me "that look", you know, THAT look? I put it down to drunkeness on one or both our parts. But as the night went on, so did she. She kissed my lips - just pecks mind - on two more occasions, kept putting her hands on my leg (high up too) and went on for a LONG time about how we should set up a web cam and "perform"

I'd like to think I'm paranoid, or that this was just a ploy to get Marks attention, or at least some thing other than my paranoia keeps telling me it might be - and I'm sure it is now, when I think about it rasionally. BUT - what is paranoia is right? How many problems would that cause? I'm not interested in Gemma like that for a lot of reasons, the same reasons why it would be such a problem. 1) I love Yorkie and don't want him to think I'm gonna have a fling with Gemma, 2) She's going out with, and living with my mate, 3) her bf happens to be the best mate of MY bf, and I can't even IMAGIN the shit it would cause between us all if anyone though anything was going on, regardless of the fact that it wont be.


OH yeah.... Me and Yorkie got this great postcard from our mate, which she started by saying "who'd have thought that Yorkie's knob would be such a warm and exotic place" hee hee!


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