Saturday, July 03, 2004


Popped into the the Bobbin for a "swift one" after work on Friday. Gemma had arranged to meet Mark there, and I suggedtes nipping in for a pint before toddling back home via the Chinese take-away.

That was about 6ish

We made it home about 1am!!!!

Had a damn good night though. I met one of Yorkie's old mates Lee - nice bloke! He used to live in Worsthorne, which is the next village to the one I grew up in over Burnley way, and we had a good laugh about the state of my old home town, laughed about cats, drinking stories and crazy exes. Sadly him and his misses are about to move to the Isle of Man (where he's from originaly) so we aren't gonna see much more of them, even though right now they apparently live about three streets away!

Also bumped into an old mate of mine called Pete - not really a mate any more I have to say. All the time I thought he was being supportive for me through my break up with my ex, he was actually trying to get into bed with him. Luckily Shaun has better taste than that! lol.... Pete is not the nicest, prettiest or even sanest friend I ever had. And now he's heavily over weight and missing a front tooth ( to go with his hare-lip, sneakiness, back stabbing, lying, voilent temper, possesivness), which will put him limited pulling power to an end for good - poor chap, lol

Just before closing time Yorkie staggered up to me and grunted "kebab" at me, so I took it as my que to leave. We went and got kebebs - Yorkie got chatted up by a fat bleach blonde granny - and trotted off to the car. Where is became apparent that I no longer had my car keys! Checked all my pockets, emptied my handbag, not there. Traced steps back to the pub - no keys. Back to the kebab shop - no keys.

This bunch of keys has the ONLY emobiliser for my car, so the spare keys at home are useless. It also has my house keys, and my office keys on it!

Much panicing and re-emptying of handbag and pockets - they turn up in YORKIES pocket! GRRRR! SLAP!

Gets in and Yorkie announces very loudly that he is "going to play RuneScape, and YOU can't stop me!" - Fine, laughs I and proptly pass out on the bed (where I have strange dreams of being glassed in the neck by townies.....)

This morning I had to get up and go SHOPPING! Hung over and unhappy. Yorkie crawled out of bed about 5 o'clock this afternoon! To find a nice little present left by the cat - a dead bird, clearly a protest for not getting her tea last night and having to wait for me to come home from shopping at lunch time before she gets any breakfast!

Also slightly concerned that I have started to like olives again - couple that with my strange mood, stomach pains and the fact that my last jab was well over due.... my imagination is running over time and I am not happy. It'll be nothing though. I hope
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