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The wedding, and other such stuff!

After work on Firday me and Yorkie went up to the Scarthwait Hotel to help Sarah set up for the Reception. SHe's made some beautiful decorations which she finished assembling and so on when we got there. She showed m how she wanted the table decorations setting out and I did that for her,and Yorkie and I helpped with one of the fairy lights on a trellace screen for he back of the dance floor. It all looked lovely even before the actual reception.

Yorkie went off to Simons to meet him and the other lads and help keep Simon company before the big day.

We went to pick Mark and Gemma up for the big day - and even though we did arrive on time - Mark was apparently too late to be the usure. Never mind though, it all went well.

Poor Fran was a nervouse wreck when it came to walking down the ailse, poor lass practically RAN dragging poor Jordan (her nephew who gave her away - bless) behind her! And then she burst out laughing at the "ny reason why there two should not be married" bit. Doom!

Apart from that it all went beautifully! Followed by champers and strawberries.

Me and Yorks missed the wedding photos though, some one had to make a mad dash to Ray and Sarahs with the left over stuff before the next wedding,and when we came back, it had been all done. Fran's gutted - Yorkies not. He hates his photo taken!

The reception went really well too. The food was out of this world! the DJ was naff, but they always are! Fran got us all dancing (BOO!) even Yorkie and Mark were up for a few songs! Best of all - She got up both up for S Club Sevens "reach", which we both hate, but there is a runing joke about it because it's the only dance mat song that we (esp Yorkie) really kicks ass on!

And Gary got a photo of it!!!!!

Gav also got a photo which looks like Yorkie's got his hand down my top (he was trying to stick gold stars on me - don't ask).

Loads of our friends were there so I had a good catch up with loads of people, including Michelle, which really upset Gemma.

She's still convinced that Mark has slept with Michelle and seems to think that he would be happiest with her, not with Gemma. It's all bollocks which got hyped up out of all prepotion LAST YEAR before MArk and Gemma were offically together. And Mark swore to me at the time that nothing happened. Before I was friends with Gemma or Shell, so he had no reason to lie.

Poor girl ened up crying on me though. Hope there ok. They are in love and I hope it all works out for them. She drove me mad a work, but she's still my mate.

Speaking of work - new girl started today! Claire.

She seems ok. She hasn't divulged any secrets, but it is clear to me that she is a spy for Alison. Everything we've said, her responce is "who said that? Glenn??"

Naturally me and Andrea claim not to know a THING and that Glenn enevr tells us ANYTHING!



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