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I have to say I looked a KNOCKOUT! I finally wore my sexy leather top out! Teamed with big leather boots and a flared out skirt!Sadly Gemma did not make it. I tried to call her, left hr two messages, and then just as I got to town in the Taxi I spotter her heading the other way with Mark. Tried to shout her, but she'd gone by the time I got acorss the car and got the window down.The meal was great though - Lynn looked good (not a patch of the 50 something she is), Andrea looked stunning - although she'd changed outfits at the last moment, worried she looked Alison-ish in the original outfit (E.g. like a slapper! lol),and Glenn wore his £65.00 shirt!!!!!!!! He's been shopping the day before, and Andrea totted up the money he's spent - what was it? £460.00??????? More than I spend in a YEAR!

Any way - we went to Bella Pasta and had good food and good wine - chatted about stuff, told stories about sex and emabarasment! Lynn was tickled pink! Can you believe she thought I was a STIFF!!!! She knows better now, lol!They tried to find out what my ankle tattoo says - I let them play, and then fobbed them off with a story (Don't worry guys - it's still a secret!)

After grub we went to Revolution for some vodka cocktails - we were only gonna stay for a couple, and then go off dancing some where. Well, that was the plan anyway!On the way up thorugh town, Glenn stared making comments about mine and Andrea's bums again (he was doing this on the phone the other day - little worried - but not much really). Apperently he finds it hard to work round us now, and he was sure our arses didn't look that good when we started working for him! hee hee *blush*Needless to say, we got WELL trollied!

It comes outthat Alison's big paranoia is correct! Glenn and Lynn HAVE had an affair, some time ago now, but it ended. Why? I don't know. But remember - Glenn USED to be engaged to one of Lynns daughters some time before he met Alison. Although I think it's safe to assume the affair happed post-daughter, infact, when we was with Alison! HA!It also seems that Glenn is MORE than willing to let it happen again!Now, they do get on very well together, and Lynn is not happy with her hubby. Not that I condone affairs, I don't. I think it's wrong and spitefull..... but then again, they are SO right for each other.They spent a lot of time sat togther, holding hands and whispering and giggling together.I do recall, in a drunked haze, saying to Glenn (I didn't know they had ALREADY had an affiar at this stage) that he really needs - DESERVES - some one wonderful in his life. He needs some one like LYNN! You might now by now that I am very forcefull when I have had a few drinks - and by now I'd had a LOT of drinks! I think I made this point very loudy - LOTS! (DOOM! SHAME!)

Oh.... and I pulled! I didn't mean to,and I don't know how, but some bloke - who must have just landed in Morecmabe Bay on a Bananna boat by the state of his English and body oder - plonked him self next to me and started to harasse me! Chatting me up in the most ineffectual way EVER and trying to put his arm round me! When I told him I was married and NOT interested at all, he begged for me phone number. So I gave him Glenns office number! And called myself "G".....naturally that back fired, but I'll come to that!

You know, you would harly know that Glenn was drunk - even though he had as much as we did. Until he gets all emotinal. I can deal with the occasional smuttyness - like egging me on to snog either Andrea, or Lynn - or both, and suggesting that while Andrea and Lynn were having a private natter, that maybe THEY would cop off (LOL - didn't tell you THAT in the office today did I Andrea!). But after a few more cocktails, he leaned across the table and took hold of my hands, telling me what a wonderful worker I am, hat he apprricates me and my hard work and near perfect time keeping - and that I AM allowed to have a day off every now and then. Now, that doesn't sound gushy - but the way he said it, it sounded like he was about to cry. I can't remember it that was before or after I had gushed about him being the best boss ever.............

All of a suddent he lights came on.

It was 10 past 2

So much for dancing

So much for havng a couple and going home and getting ourselves sober and ready for work! As me and Andrea had planned...

I got a bollocking for coming home loud and pissed at stupid-o-clock in the morning and keeping poor Yorkie up all night with my mad chattering.

Andrea when home and had wild sex.Glenn went home with Lynn........I think I'm the only one who didn't get laid! GRRRRR

7oClock came round and so did I with the alarm-clock-of-EVIL! I got up, washed and dressed, drove to work. No one else there. After about an hour Lynn called up to see if I'd made it. We had a hung-over groan together, and confirmed that"should anyone ask, Lynn had not come out with us."Shortly after, I got a call from Andrea "WEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR Charlie - I keep being sick!" But still assurance that she would turn up for work.Phone goes again. Lynn - Glenn had been bollocked by Alison for being out till all hours. He told her "it was none of her fucking business" where he's been and what he'd done! Score one for Glenn!Twice I get phone calls from my now "stalker", lol,,,, poor lad was most confused when I said he had abusinessnumber, surely he'd been given the wrong number, or was the butt of someones joke - I never expeted him to ACTUALLY call! Freak! I only said a dozen words to him, and two of those were "Fuck" and "off"!

Glenn arrives a little later - shocked and stunned that I am there (he'd have been more shocked if he's seen that I was not actually working, but playing Spider on Andrea's computer - but hey, I'm hung over, and at least I'm here! And mine was running a virus scan anyways)He asks where Andrea is, and I said "she's dying!" So he called her and told her not to come in, and then said that when I'd finished up what ever I was doing (ahem) I could go too! HOORAY! See - bestest boss ever!He did tell me about what Alison had said. Shit apparently TRUELY hit the fan. But so fucking what? She's off with her new feller - why should she care what he's doing?

Oh, I didn't mention the 5 missed calls he had off her while we were out did I, lol!It seems he didn't come home til 7.30am


So that was me - dead for the whole weekend!But it's far from over! Today we had the "Spy" in the office. Hee.... she tried EVERY way to get information out of us. Three times she asked, or implied, that Glenn had spent the night with me - and where was Yorkie supposed to be through this???? We got sick of being asked, so Andrea said that he had - and me, Yorkie and Glenn had been having threesomes all night. Brains of Britain said "did you?" - erm NO!

So Andrea said he's slept at hers..... and she fell for that too, asking three times if he did, until Andrea - in her most pissed off voice - said ! NO!

First chance Andrea had she was off out of the office to call Glenn - we've had the office phones cut off and moved to the new office - what were we to say? Claire had clearly been primed for questions. He said to tell her NOTHING!

Naturally, we have to keep up the pretence that Lynn was never there,and that infact Gemma had managed to come instead. Not easy when you think that this is the first time me and Andrea have had to discuse the evening and swop gossip. We each cocked up once, but pulled it back from the brink of desaster!


Needless to say - we're doing it again next month!


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