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So much for the Spying!

Our little spy seems to have given up! She asked NO leading questions today AT ALL! But, oddly enough *pah* Glenn got a bollocking off Alsion for being so "secretive".

While Little Miss Spy was out of the office today, we told him everything that had been said yesterday, and he came to the same conclusion. After all - how would she have known the things she knew if Alison hadn't told her all about it????

Alison much have given up the idea of using her to ask questions by now.

Hasn't stopped the two of them (Ali & Claire) from trying to cause shit though. Claire was sent to the Q.St shop to send out the faxes since we do not have a phone in the old office. Lynn was working, and did the faxing for her. Claire came back complaining that Lynn had tried to slam her head in the hatch (hee hee hee). Not long after, Alison calls to say SHE hasn't had a fax! Therefore Lynn must not have sent it.

During my lunch I popped into Q.St to pick up some bits, and asked Lynn if she's slammed claires head or not. Looking shocked and insulted Lynn said she had done nothing of the sort. I said she SHOULD have done! I also told her that Alison clamed not to have got her fax (See, I can shit stir too!). She showed me the confirmation from the fax that proved she had.

So, now thay can't pin anything on Glenn, are they victimising Lynn????

I guess so!

Now here's the unfair bit.... Glenn popped back in at the end of the day for some last minute things, and asked me what I thought about Claire as a worker. I was honest - maybe I should have played it up a bit to get rid of her, but I didn't. I told him that yes, she knew the products and that was good, and when she got going with somethng she was damn fast. But she was crap with the technology. The computers foxed her, she has a constant battle with the franking machine, and I have to re-train her every half hour as she retains nothing when it comes to the computers. He pointed out that she was very fast with sorting out the software for the outlets, and that she had worked very well and very hard with making the Mega Drive database, disproving my statement about being crap with the computers - funny how she was suddenly competant when she was sat next to Glenn - I pointed that out, but he only laughed. Relising I was talking her INTO the job, I also pointed out that she was much better to work with when she wasn't being a spy.

He laughed again - I'm SOO funny, grrrrr!

So it looks like we're stuck with her long term. He said I should be very firm with her, but not nasty (I'm never nasty to her, it'd play into any plans to make me look bad that is a game I see now that Alison is fond of playing when she goes off someone), and that I should keep a close watch on her and on her work. Great - that's just what I need - more hassle! But then again, she is MY assistant, and MY responcibilty, so I guess I'll just have to lump it.

But Glenn has found the way to keep me sweet - constant compliments - genuine ones - keep me happy, so telling me how smart I look, how funny I am and all that stops me from strangling him. I'm SO shallow!

The next staff night out is planned for my birthday - well, the day after anyway! So I'm starting to save up NOW!


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