Friday, August 06, 2004

We've moved! (sort of)

Well, we did it! We're out of the old office and into the new.... shame it's not finished! Not that I blame the builders you understand. It's not their fault that Glenn wants everything yesterday. Neither me nor Andrea understand why he insisted we moved so soon when it isn't reallt nessessary. Having siad that, it is nice to be in. It'll be better whent he building's finished to we can actually talk to eac other and use the phones - and actually HEAR what's being said to us, and it'll be lovely when we have a carpet down and everything isn't caked in dust, it'll be WONDERFUL when BT stop arsing arround and actually re-connect us to the internet - but hey, at least we're in........

There's little or no real new gossip. We (even Glenn) seem to have spent a lot of time being paid to be in the pub, or sat on our arses doing nothing. Not through lack of wanting, but we didn't even have desks to work on till last thing last night!

Basically, it's gonna be heckic for the next few days or weeks. So if I don't post - that's why!
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