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Why Yorkie and Glenn will never be friends!

Wow - has it really been this long since I posted????

Well, stuff's been going on, so I suppose I have been a wee bit busy to make posts...

It was my birthday on the 26th, I turned the ripe old age of 25 - a whole quater century! And naturally, I had to go out and get trollied. So I DID!

It goes at follows: Mum and John came over to see me and Yorkie and take us for lunch. I only get an hour for lunch (usually plenty of time) but when I arrived back in the office 2 and a half hours later.... well, let's say I didn't get much work done that day. Got some nice stuff off them, Mum had already sent me £1000 (combi bday / xmas), John gave me £40 and a HUGE box o thorntons chocs (yum yum yum). Back in the office, Andrea gave me a new Dean Koontz book (HOORAY!), and Lynn gave me a box of knickers! Very nice too!

Oh, yeah, Glenn's gift to me when down a storm - don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it, in MY eyes! Alison on the other hand..... You see, on Wednesday ( the day before my birthday) the TV people from Under The Hammer came round to do the next set of interviews and filming, and we were all ushered out of the office for a while until they were ready to interview Glenn. The three of us sat in a nearby cafe and had a natter. I was telling Andrea that I STILL had not found a top I liked for the staff night out / birthday bash the following friday, so when Glenn got the call that they were ready for him, he tossed a £20.00 at me and said "buy your self something nice for Friday" and then gave me and Andrea permission to go off shopping for the morning until we got the call to come back (not bad eh? The morning off to go shopping, money to do it with, AND we still got paid!).

On thursday Andrea got a call from Alison "what did Glenn buy Charlie for her birthday??" Andrea denighed all knowlege, but it was a set up. Alison spat back "Glenn told me he's bought her a top! Why is Glenn buying Charlie clothes!!!???"

Poor Andrea!

She aslo started to demand to know who was coming on the night out - which was myself, Andrea, Glenn, Lynn, Clive (Andrea's hubby) and Yorkie. Andrea didn't mention Lynn, and didn't get chance to mention Yorkie. As soon as she said Clives name, she got: "Clives going? Why wasn't I invited???"

Again, poor Andrea, lost for something to say, just said she knew nothing.

On friday, every where that Glenn went, Alison followed, and yet she didn't say a WORD of what she had barked to Andrea to me.

Firday it self was a blast - although I don't think Yorkie will be coming on any more staff night's, but I'll come to that later! We went to Chicago Rock - they sent me a birthday thing through the post, with 6 free tickets in, and a meal pro-mo where what ever you spend on food, you get back in drinks! We spent £85 on food, then it was two-for-one on cocktails, so we got our money's worth! We did much drinking and much dancing ( I was stiff for two days after.... what must I have been going like?? ). Then one of Alison's friends turn up! Huge row between her and her bf, and Glenn! Lynn was irrate that Glenn had told Alison where we'd gone, and suspected the girl of being a spy ( and knowing Alsion, it's probably true - after all, she had allowed her dog to eat a full bottle of paracetamol in an attempt to stop Glenn from even going! )

While they were talking, Yorkie asked of the man was Uncle Neil, I said no, they ere freinds of Alisons sent to spy, so Yorkie laughed and said, in his campest voice "Shall I pretend to be his boyfriend?" And I being, equally pissed, thought it was a great idea, and let him! The poor bloke! Glenn was ambushed from the side by Yorkie saying "but I thought you were saving your self for me!" and going for a snog!!!!!!!

Glenn seemed to get over this, and even laughed with me about who he never thought my boyfriend would try to kiss him. Ahem!

Sadly I don't think he'll ever get over being told he had to "grow a backbone, Jellyfish boy!" after a torrent of how studip he was for letting Alison rule his life. *sigh* My boyfriend can be SOOOOO subtle! Lynn was egging him on though!

I awake at 10 to 7 the next morning - FAR to alert and awake for the amount of booze I had consumed.... Yorkie laid in bed till 3.30, and missed work (DOOM!). I was supposed to be going aout again with Fran and Sarah, although I really didn't feel up to it, so I was quite releved when Fran called and said she was ill and couldn't make it. So I sad in my underwear all day playing on the computer, untilI got a suprise call from Mark and Gemma, who were supposed to be off playing at being Vickings - they hadn't been able to go, could they come roud with some beers and have a little late celebration! HOORAY! So they came round, we drank and watched some DVD's, having a natter. They brought beer, wine and choclate, we got a take away, and Gemma gave me some a tarot cards ( I had mine stolen years ago - so I love this gift )

Then me and Yorkie passed out on them coz we were still pissed from the night before!

Sunday and monday were a blur of hang-over and computer games, and today I had to rejoin the real world. Quite sad about it too......


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