Thursday, March 17, 2005


OH! I am SOOOOO happy! I have actaully sold more than half of my stock already! Ok, so I only had 4 thing to sell, but two have been bought and paid for, and a thrid has been ordered, I'm just waiting for payment!

I've ordered some more stock today, although I did have to amend some of my prices - damed VAT!

Went into Micro Markets today to send out the stuff we'd sold there over last weekend. Typical that when I'm not there nothing gets done with the internet. IU'm really pissed off about Glenn's attitude towards the internet sales. He talks all well and good, promising to spend more time withme on;ine, promising more stock, and even suggesting that he would close down one of the outlets and give me the stock to sell instead (although I have tried to talk him out of that as A, it's a dumb idea - we need that particular out let more than ANY of the others, and B, I don't want him to do that when I'm about to leave! I'd feel far too shitty, and I'd feel like I'd put people out of work - for no reason!

Other ways Glenn pissed me off today

1) I'm sick - clearly very ill - and he has me shifting gert heavy boxes up and down stairs so he can have visiters in the office! I made him shift the heavy stuff. I don't care HOW long it takes him to empty some bins, I'm not doing any more that 1/3 of the heavy work when I'm ill!

2) When he paid me, he said "Shall I put some days down as holiday pay to make up your full hours?" So... You don't think I'm really ill then do you not Glenn???? Well FUCK YOU THEN!

Went home again at 11.30, to wrap up warm, not get hassle, and work on my own company. And he can forget me coming in tomorrow too!
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