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YAWN..... Awakening from my winter slumber

Gahhhhhh I hate winter. I hate feeling depressed, I hate going off into terrible moods and picking fights, I hate cutting myself off from the whole world, and I hate the feeling that I have no alternative when it comes to feeling those things....

Don't think that I've been sat on my ass doing nothing all winter though. I feel more like a butterlfy that has finally imerged. I've set up my own business! I'm still working for Micro Markets for the time being, as until by business starts to take off I still need to have a regular wage coming in, but as soon as there is enough money left at the end of the week to pay myself I'll be out of MM and away.

If any of you want to have a look at my web site, here's the address:

I've got a lot of reasons for wanting to do this. Mostly down to the situation at MM. Since we moved offices in August things have gone from bad to worce to fucking awfull!

The boss has run out of money, so we've had practically no new releases, he's in so much debt with the suppliers that they just wont send us any more stock, and we've been in trouble with the inland revenue, the local council and fuck knows who else. He's getting me to sell stock we don't have in - promising me that he will get it in when it sells - AND DOESN'T so I end up refunding the customer, loosing that customer forever and getting negative feedback which means I loose even more customers!

Lynn seems to have lost the plot completely. The last time we went of a staff night out - myself, Andrea, Lynn and Glenn, Lynn desided she was going to take a verbal pop at me, and then spent the rest of the night trying to put a wedge between me and Andrea. It didn't work as Andrea had no idea what Lynn was goung on about. She's missed the original fight (which I had just laughed at anyway). Then over the next few weeks she kept trying to convince me that Andrea was trying to get me out of the company - mainly by telling Glenn that the internet sales were well down. Lynn has a way of twisting the innocent truth into a poisoned lie. OF CAUSE ANDREA WAS TELLING GLENN ABOUT THE INTERNET SALES - THAT'S HER JOB AND HE'S ASKED HER! What Lynn failed to relasise is that I had told Glenn the internet was going down the pan myself already, and that was probably WHY he was asking Andrea to show him the figures.

Then there is the issue of Roy - what a tosser! He was the acting amanger of the Kendal shop - which Glenn closed. He is now manager of the Queen Street shop - down stairs from the new office. AND HE CAN'T KEEP HIS FAT MOUTH SHUT! Me and Andrea where having a private gripe about Lynn, figuring out why she hadit in for the two of us. We suspect it has a lot to do with Glenn, as she was sleeping with him, and now isn't. After all, I think Glenn's new bird out in the Dominical Rep is a good idea, and Andrea's always trying to get Glenn to meet someone new (after all, sleeping with a woman who is A, One of your staff, B, your ex-fiencees mother and C, your best mates wife, isn't a good idea!). Not to mention that we both spend all day with him, and the three of us get on really well. Roy comes into the office on his break and joins in. Poor Andrea fell right into the trap! Roy whinged about Lynn, Andrea voiced an oppinion. I winced..... We hadn't worked out if Roy was trust worthy yet. Steven is already Lynns spy (this has been proved) Darren is smart enough never to comment on anything EVER, Roy was an unknown quanitiy. And he's already been "got at" by Lynn. I was giving him a life to and from work for a while when he was living on my route to work. He's already alluded to me that Lynn had warned him not to trust certain people. I made a point that he shouldn't trust ANYONE hopping that he would get the gist of whay I was saying with out me having to say Don't Trust That Saggy Old Bitch.

He promptly went and told Lynn what Andrea had said.

Later that day I went out to buy lunch for me and Andrea. it was a friday. Normally on a Friday I am out for almost an hour at lunch time beacuse I go to the banks and post office and so on. This time I was only 5 mins becaue I just went to the butty shop. When I came back Lynn was laying into Andrea, giving all the "shit stirring bitches" under the sun. Andrea is no good in confuntations. I am!

Not long after I got backk Lynn was tarring back down to the shop - apparently crying. Andrea was on the verge of handing her notice in. Typically for us, Lynn bumped right into Glenn on his way into the office, and off they went. Glenn was going to hear her side first. Great! And who comes trotting up to see us? ROY! Not the most popular boy!

The rest of that afternoon is a bit of a bler. I went out to do the banking once Glenn got back, so that Glenn and Andrea could talk. After Andrea finished for the day Glenn said to me "what really happened?" and then played a few games himself - he blames everything on Roy. Granted Roy was the reasont his kicked off that day, but it was going to happen sooner or later. It's not the first time Lynn's screamed at either of us without actually getting ANYTHING right. The stupid little tosser almost got me into trouble with Glenn again, by saying to me very loudly in the kitchen (so that Glenn could clearly hear in the office) "I never mentioned your name!". I almost killed him!

Things have been tence and unpleasesant ever since. Andrea handed her notice in the following wednesday. GLenn begged her to stay, making offers she couldn't afford to refuse, well, until a better job comes along. Lynn has been playing at being my best mate!!!! And everyone in the shop - appart from Darren - is refusung to talk to Andrea.

So basically, with all this going on I feel it would be better if I just left and did my own thing. So I am doing!


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