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Is this my last day?

Well, here I am, sat in the MM office with nothing to do. Actually, that's not true, I have a lot to do, I have saved up work especially for today as I have planned to be here all day so I can go to the bank at 2.15, and see Andrea when she comes in after her other job.

But - and this is a very big but, possibly the biggest but since I officialy left Glenns emplyment - today I find that he has changed the passwords on both eBay and PayPal so that not only can I not pack anything that has sold, but I cannot make any new listings. That is what i had planned for today - to finish making the new Trust listings, and to make a full set of new Logic 3 listings. That would easily take up the whole day and then some.

When I discovered that I could not log on to either site today I called him. Mobile off, called fest, not there. Got his home number. He answered, admitted that he had changed the passwords (after some ums and erms). I asked for them and he "coldn't rememeber" what they are, but said he would give them to me when he came in. That was about 9am. It's now 20 past 11, and no sign of him. Not only that, be he has stopped answering the phones.

Now, I have up dated the web site - a job I do from home normally, and I have gone through the emails, and everything is up to date apart from the actual sales side. And I have nothing that I can do!

I am certain now that this is going to be my last day if he does actually show up at some point. Ofcouse he could chicken out of letting me go, which I think is the only reason he hasn't done it already. it is no secret with any of the other staff that he has no time for the internet any more, which begs the question of why am I still here - after all, that's all I'm at MM for..... And there is always the possibility that he wont show up at all!

Watch this space!

Well, it's later now (quater past 10 at night actually), and I am still employed for the time being.
Glenn did finally show his face round 12.30 - no apology for being so late - and clamed him mobile wasn't working, and then promtly started using it..... Childish.
When I asked him for the passwords (which he dad say he's give to me) he said that HE was going to do ebay now, he had "other ideas" for it.... Some mumblings about some mate of his who had a web site, would I look into paying for higher listings (didn't I suggest that 2 years ago?), he wants me to focus purely on the web site (less work for me, same money, OK!), and would I give him a list of all 1500+ items I am selling on the web site!!!!!!!!! That took all afternoon!
Now, if he wants to do dodgy things with ebay that's his business, but with out the paypal password I will never KNOW about, let alone SEND anything that sells off the web site. Mmmm.... Guess he MUST have that side under controle too.... Yeah right!
I never got chance to put this thought across to him as he promptly PISSED OFF again and I didn't see him for the rest of the day.
It gets more intresting as the day goes on though.... round 4.30 Andrea came in to collect her wages, and tell me that Glenn had arranged to come and see her tonight at 8, her AND Clive actually. Now, we are thinking all kinds of possibilities regarding this meeting - which to happen at Andreas tonight (actually, it will have happened by now I guess).
1) How to fire us all (fave at the mo, but unlikely since Clive will be involved)
2) He will make to Andrea "An Offer She Cannot Refuse"... not sure what that will be....
3) He will ask her about various tax dodges etc
4) He will ask her about how to wind the company up (also unlikely as we know he normally just cashes in and fucks off)
Personally I have no idea, and suspect it will end up being nothing interesting at all, just a "friendly" get together, but Andrea will hopefully not let it stay as such.
She's gonna call me either way, lol! Maybe it will have something to do with the vast amouts of cash he is keeping for himself, you know, the money he's making from the markets stalls in MM's name, that doesn't go back into the company, money that isn't declared, money from sales of MM stock......
You know, I used to consider this guy a friend as well as my boss. Now I just think he's a tosser. That's how he's behaving anyway.
Oh hum!


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