Friday, November 11, 2005

Ahhhh.... Fluoxetine!

Well, I went to the docs this morning. I love my doctor! He is SO understanding! If anything, he told me off for not coming in sooner, "come in before you feel depressed, this medication is not addictive. Why wait until you feel depressed when you can avoid it?", so that's me told LOL!

So I have two months worth, and a repeat if I need it, but I should be fine now. I usually feel better after XMas, don't know why, maybe it's because I've spent so much time with people, got away from home and home hassles, the evenings are a little lighter, or the stress of having to get enough cash together over and done with, or a combination of the lot. but generally, that's when I start to pick up.

I also finally got my butt to the garage to get my car booked in for it's MOT, 10.30 on Monday. I've moved some money onto my debit card too so I should be able to pay for it easy enough (assuming the car isn't that badly off that is), so that's a weight off my mind.

I've also done my tax return today! Hooray! I'll post if off this evening when I go to fetch Yorkie. I had to call the VAT people and get them to send out my username again as I have NO IDEA what I've done with it, and I can't remember it, so next time I shouldget it off on time. Next time I might have to pay THEM! Boo!! Of cause the sooner I get this form sent off the sooner I get my £197 VAT back from them. That's enough money for another order! Woo hoo!

All in all I've had a productive, if some what dull, day. It's still early now, I could go out for a bit, but it's cold and grey and blowing a gale outside, so I think I'll stay sat in here with my SAD lamp and my warm furry gilet and stay protected from the elements!

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