Saturday, November 12, 2005


Now, we don't really do Romance, Yorkie and I. We're not the sort of couple that goes to posh restraunts, buy hearts and flowers on a whim etc, but last night we had a really sweet night. We didn't really do much that was classically romantic, it was the mood, the feeling in the air, if you know what I mean....?

I cooked us steaks for tea, which is always a winner for Yorkie (his second fav after anything pork) and had the candles lit in the front room. Not that I was going for a romantic atmosphere, I just like to have candles lit on cold dark nights.

We snuggled up on the settee together, watching nothing much on telly, all warm and cozy under a blanket, with the cat curled up o us. We'd been talking a little bit about the wedding and stuff, and about what my doc had said to me about what to do before we start a family. Yorkie's eyes went all soft and sweet, he was hugging me close and saying all the right kind of sweet thinks that I love to hear.

It was one of those nights you wish would never end, the kind that you look back on in years to come and smile over how in love you both were (and hopefully smile about how much in love you still are!)

I know we have both been in love before, but I can say with confidence, that neither of us have felt as much in love as we do with each other. I can't wait until we're married, I'm actually looking forward to making him a dad too - parenthood is something I have always dreaded in the past, but with him by my side I know we'll do just fine.

Sorry this has been to uncharacteristically soppy, I just wanted to share the joy in me! At this time of year, be greatful!
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