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Christmas Shoppers

Grrr! Doens't it drive you mad! I know those of us who do Christmas are out and about now buying stuff, we can't all be the kind of people who get everything sorted out in September (and who'd want to be, really) but as of today I hate Christmas Shoppers!

After my WW meeting today I was merryly tootling my way home when I remembered that Yorkie had asked me to nip into town and buy Simon a birthday card, and if I got chance, a Darlik key ring he's seen in M&S earlier in the week. Question is why didn't he buy it then, but never mind. I thought I might as well do it as I was out. But could I find a parking space??? Not a chance in hell! I even tralled the most expensive car park in the hope of finding a spot. After all, it's only a small car, I don't need much space! But there was no where! And by now I was dying for a wee!

I ended up driving home, parking up out side my house, using the loo, and walking into town. In a fit of rage.

I know I shouldn't be quite so petty. I know I should do more walking, and just because I have a car doesn't mean I have to get in it every time I leave my front door, but that's not the point. The point is I was in town and I should have been able to park my car, buy what I needed and go home. Job done in no more that 20 mins tops, not two and a half hours!

Still, it's a bit of walking and therefore excersize I wouldn't have had otherwise. I've only lost half a pound in the last two weeks, so maybe I should be greatful. But I'm not!

Anyway. I did manage to get the gift that Yorkie wanted to give Simon (and a couple of other things too), and a card, and as I'd walked in I thought I might as well make the most of it and bought some Christmas Cards too (which will probably not get written, coz we always forget). I was very tempted to go and buy some new clothes, but resisted the urge as I know I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment. We're "comfortable", but I don't know how much it's going to cost to get the car fixed and don't want to risk not being able to afford to pay the man!

We're out tonight for Simon's birthday. I'm feeling a little odd about going out again today, but I know I'll have fun when I get there. Question now is do I drink or not? I quite fancy a drink, but will I suffer badly afterwards? Which is worse, being sober with a group of drunken people and having only mild depression afterwards, or getting equally drunk and not caring that I'm depressed, or that I might feel more depressed later? Clearly the sensilbe thing is to stear clear of the drink. But I quite fancy forgetting about depression for a night. Just one night.....
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