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Evening Post

(Me in my P.J.s)

All the time I was int own I felt fine! But as soon as I started to come home I stared to feel odd again. Maybe there's something about home which is bothering me that I haven't pin pointed yet. Must work on what that is.....

Anyway. Went to town, and no sooner had we arrived then we bumbed into Jen again! Yay! This time she was out with the baby, so I suggested meeting up for lunch after we'd all done what we were in town to do. Nothing like a good pub lunch with friends! So Yorkie and I posted off todays orders, went to the bank, and wondered aimlessly round the shops trying to find SOMETHING to buy people for Christmas. This is not an easy task! Yorkie has four people left to buy for, and of the four, we found something for one of them.


Still, that's one done! Only three left now! Just as we were settling on this one gift Jen called to say she was in the Bobbin waiting for us, and was sorting out heating up the baby food, so off we toddled to join her.

It was a nice long lunch, mainly because the battery had dyed in the kitchens heat probe and they had to go and buy some more before they could serve us our food (health and safety gone mad I tell you! Every meal has to be probed before it's served!). Baby Adam is a sweet heart! Bearly a peep out of him the whole time we were there! Jen had him in a tebby bear suit, and I don't mean a suit with teddies on, I mean it was brown, furry and had ears on the hood! Adorable! He'll never forgive her though! He does have the most amazing big blue eyes and prize winning smile though. I real stunner. Fat bugger too, just like babies should be!

I am getting more than just a little bit broody. Must remember that it's marriage first, then kids!

Got an email from Andrea tonight too. She's spotted an advert for the book keepers position at MM. Mmmmm, that will be interesting!

  • Will any one take the job?
  • Will they stay for any amount of time?
  • Will they be taken in my Glenn like we were?
  • Will they believe the things that people like FB and SB might say about, say, ME?
  • Will they actually be nice to work with, or a pain in the arse?
  • Will I get away with only showing my face?

The questions could go on and on.

Needless to say Glenn has not been in touch with Andrea to say sorry for being a complete tosser, or for FB's attitude / comments, and I don't know if he's coughed up any of the money that's owed, although I can make a guess on that one! Time will tell.

I, myself, have been trying to find way to keep my mind occupied. Blogging is one good way (which is why I'm posting more and more at the moment), but I have also gone hairdressing mad tonight! I have dyed, highlighted and trimmed my own hair! I think it looks ok..... I'm no Vidal Sasson, but then I don't charge his prices! It's even, it's blonde, and I have no more split ends, so I guess that's ok. The test will be tomorrow when we go round to see Fran and Simon for Simon's birthday. If Fran makes no comment, I'll have got away with it! Hee hee hee!

Off to bed with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom now *swoon*

(just bought Pirates of the Caribbean)


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