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I blame the Merlot!

I was going to be good. I was going to just have a couple of real drinks, and then stay on the cola all night. It didn't work out that way.... at all!

Started off at the Sun pub, which I was doubious about as the last time I was there it was bearly a whole in the wall. However, that was some 4 years ago, and now it's a very classy wine bar with leather seating and ikea style decor (if you an put classy and ikea in the same sensence). Me and Yorkie were the first ones there. Debs and Marie arrived shortly after, and another Mark arrived a little after then. I'd had just 2 vodka and cokes by the time we'd left, and I was happy that I had showed people I was out for fun and thought from that point on no one whould notice I was on soft drinks for the rest of the night.

From there we moved onto the Blob Shop to meet up with the rest of the people (Dave & Steph - the boss and his Missus, Jez and his missus, and Simon). On the way up Yorkie and Mark had gone on a head leaving us girls to wonder up slowly and have a goss. Debs was saying she was unhappy about a comment Simon had made to Mark. He'd said that he didn't really want to come out tonight, but by not coming he would have let Debs "win".... Now, I know they dated for a bit, and that they have had a less than brillaint break up, but I had been tactful and not asked for any details in case I was opening old wounds. BUT as Debs was having a bit of a rant about him I thought I might as well take the plunge and ask her exactly what went on.

I was horrified by her answer! not only had he dumped her to go back to his ex, who he had slagged off for ages, the ex had tried to run Debs off the road, and just after they split Debs had a misscarriage!!! When she told Simon about it he was less than bothered saying she'd "be ok".

This is not nice! To say the least.

In the Blob all the others had already arrived. Me and Debs and Marie scarrpered off to the loos for the ritual pee and touch up of hair and make up. When we came back Simon and Mark had wondered off for a game of pool (to avoid Debs I think) and some one had bought me more booze. I shurgged and supped it anyway! We drank up and moved on to Pizza Margarita for our meal. Simon and Mark continued their game of pool saying they would follow us down. Not a great idea, as this meant that the only seats left was facing Debs and Marie - so Simon and Debs were very close through out the meal. Not a good atmosphere.

Dave bought 4 bottles of wine to go with our meal. 2 red, 2 white. Only me and Simon were on the red at our end of the table, and after one glass he and Mark bought a huge bottle of Stella to share. Which left me alone with the red wine. Which just happened to be Merlot. Which just happens to be my FAVE wine in the whole world. And before I knew it I had drunk the rest of the bottle all to myself! And was shit faced.


My memoery starts to fade from about half way though the meal. I know Debs was making comments about Simon to me through most of the meal, which I'm sure Simon heared. We harrased Marks girlfriend on the phone (and probably got him dumped for all I know) and ate far too much food. It was nice though!

After the meal - and we were the last ones in the place as ususal, Mark and Simon vanished. I think Mark went to meet his girlfriend. Simon probably just went home. Me, Yorkie, Debs and Marie left to continue boozing. I don't know that happened to the rest of them. Too drunk to care I think.

We ended up in Walkabout for a bit. Poor Yorkie was left out in the cold a bit, and ended up chatting to some random pissed up puntter on the end of the bar, while I embarasingly chatted up the bar staff for Debs and Marie, to no effect. Then we moved onto to Revolution. Yorkie gave up and went off to see our Mark and Gemma. He said "there's too much woman going on here" kissed me, left me with the cash and ran for his life!

I seem to recall dancing like a loon! Head banging even.... which is not ideal in the Revolution as it isn not a rock club..... And other than that I don't remeber much else. I know we got picked up at about 1am by Marie's sister and I got a lift home. I don't recall getting home.... I know Yorkie wasn't there when I got in, and telling the cat she had a "bad dad" because he wasn't there. At some point I got undressed and into bed. Then I got up again and was very very sick in the loo. That'll be the wine and pills not liking eachother then! And I ended up back in bed trying to watch "Return of the king". At 6.30 am I woke up and thought "Oh, I haven't pressed play" and started the DVD again before relaising what time it was and that it had already played all the way through and I had just passed out. There was still no Yorkie, but I was still too pissed to care. I went for a wee and got back into bed. Moments later Yorkie came in. Still pissed. He's been playing Chess all night with Mark....

At 8.30 I woke up with a start, Yorkie was snorring so I left him were he was. I had to move because I was supposed to dropping the car off at the garage at 8.30! Luckily it's only at the bottom of the hill, less than 2 mins drive away, but I'm still drunk! I try to get dressed in the dark so I wont wake Yorkie up, and fall over a few times. I have no balance at the best of times, and in the dark, with alcohol coursing through my vains instead of blood, I'm even worce! I got the car to the garage at about 9.30, greaful that I only had to drive a few houndred yards, and that the chance of me getting breathalisied or getting into an accident were minimal.

Got home and tried to get my brain to function, it didn't want to. Got a text message from Debs asking how we both were.... told her I was dead. Moments later Yorkie woke up, and called out my name in a pancied voice. I went and joined him for a bit, falling alseep for a while. Yorkie always gets a little bit, erm, randy, when he's been drinking, so that was a good few hours of the day taken up, and then he demanded feeding. With becon, eggs and sausage. That meant venturing out of the house again, and I'm STILL drunk! Got a phone call to pick the car up and thought I might as well do that and go the local shop too, as it's all but next door to the garage. Car only cost a tenner to fix (YAY), and I bought enough fry-up food to satisfy a king and his whole army. I did get disgusted looks from the shop staff though. Clearly I looked like shit, and still stank of booze. They must think I'm an alccy now, with vodka and wine for breakfast, but I don't care.

I cooked the biggest fry-up in the world! Baccon, eggs, sausages, black pud, potatoe cakes, beans, mushrooms.... it was falling of the side of the plate! But it clearly went down well and I was given another "good seeeing too" not long after! *grin*

The rest of the day was taken up with sleep and sex, and long long snuggles, and tellings of each other that we love each other. Yorkie didn't get out of bed all day! it was great, despite the mother of all hang overs!

Sadly today Yorkie has to go back to work, and I have to go to MM, and the wonderful magic has ended for now. I have to face the reality of my anti depressants not working for the next few days, not having any money, and having to work again. Still, it was worth it!


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