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St John White

What a morning! I thought my world had collaspsed around me at one point! Forget St Nick, this year my praises got to St John, John White of the Lancaster City Council that is.

Let me explain.

Last night laid in bed me and Yorkie were discussing the remaining Christmas gifts he had to buy, and the end conclusion was that I would go into town this morning and pick up the bits he wanted as long as they were still in stock, and let him no so he could get somethig from work if what i was getting was out of stock. So 9am today I pulled into a pay and display car park at the bottom of town. I listened to the end of a story on Radio One about Chris Moyles being on Richard and Judy last night, checked I had cash for the car park, my wallet and cards for the shopping and sundry other bits. I had everything so I switched of the radio and went into town.

I was very happy to fond that Boots had EVERYTHING I wanted, including the Treseme curling tongs I wanted to treat myself to with my Boots points (free gift for me, woo!) and qued up to pay.

As all my goodies went through the checkout I realised I didn't have my wallet on me.

Damn.... must have left it in the car, but I'm sure I picked it up. I had it when I was in the car didn't 1?

I said sorry to the girl on the counter, she held onto my stuff I went back to my car. No wallet. I checked all round my car, up to the pay and display machine, and then emptied my bag and poakets onto my car seat. No wallet. Cursing, I drove home as quickly as I dared and checked every where I might have had it at home. Nope. Drove back to the car park, and re-traced my steps to Boots, checked ll round Boots, reported it missing to Boots and tried to pay for my stuff with a cheque. Only you need your card to use a cheque!


On the way back to the car I called Yorkie. "My wallets been stolen!"

He was ever so good and reasuring, telling me it'll be ok. Go home, cancel the cards, he'll sort everything out money wise, I don't need to worry. I felt like crying.

As soon as I got home I picked up the phone to call the bank and cancel my cards. There was a message on the phone for me. Maybe Boots had found my wallet? It was the police. My wallet had been handed in half an hour earlier. Could I come and get it.

BACK to the same car park, which thankfully had just one space left for me as town filled up with christmas shoppers. i tore up to the police station and sure enough, there ws my wallet. Soggy, but complete! Not a thing missing!

It had been found in the car park, moments after I left it the first time, by one John White, who worked at the Town Hall, only he was in Morecambe Town Hall for the day. I got a number for him and tried to ring him and tank him, but he was out on a job.

Back to Boots, bought and paid for the stuff I had taken to the counter TWICE already, much to the amuzement of the ladies onthe counter (who did genuinly seem concerned for me, bless!), and also bought a posh box of chocs for Mr. White.

Drove down to Morecambe Town Hall, John White was on his way back to Lancaster. DAMN!

Spoke to the ladies on the desk in the town hall, explained who I was looking for and why. "He saved Christmas!" I told them. "Please make sure he gets this!" and handed over the chocs. They loved the story, and tried to call him. They've left a message for him, and are keepng the chocs for him. Hopefully he'll get them and know just how greatful I really am.



Rainypete said…
There are still some honest folk left in the world. It's good to know that one of them found your wallets.

Ona nother note, I miss Boots so much. We had them here in Canada years back and they were the absolute best. Annhiliated by chain stores they are sorely missed along with the Marks and Sparks that are also gone now.

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