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Typical MM Day

What can I say about today at MM.

  • My PC's still not really working very well. D thinks there's a problem with the memory with it that he'll try to sort out.
  • I'm locked out of MM's PayPal account again - maybe because he's changed he password, maybe because PayPal are fucked off with us and have shut us out
  • Glenn's told D that he's "not bothered" about the web site any more (WTF!)
  • Glenn wants D to open a new ebay / paypal account and think up a "good name"
  • D doesn't want to do these things and said to Glenn why wasn't he asking ME to do these things. No answer.
  • The game order that came back from Germany (an ebay sale I wasn't allowed to process) is STILL sat in the shop. D and S aren't in a position to sort it, Glenn WONT sort it, and I'm not supposed to even KNOW about it! It seems because Andrea sent it in the first place it's her problem..... but she's LEFT!

So I have sent Glenn another email. I did try to call him, but when ever I call him his phone is switched off. In the email I offered to open a new paypal account for him / with him. I told him all about the people TRYING to buy from the web site that can't. And said that if he didn't want the web site any more he should just tell me and stop "waisting my time and your [Glenns] money"

Let's see if he ever gets back to me. I don't expect him to ask me to stay on again like he did last time. If he's telling people he doesn't want the web site I'll take it that he doesn't want it, and while I like the money I get from him, I would rather work for some one who appriciated what I did, and who didn't hide from me! The company is a joke! He's a joke, and I don't really want to work for him any more. It's not like there aren't other jobs out there for the taking if I want one.

At least I don't have to think or worry about the place for two weeks now. Maybe longer if he bothers to read the email I sent him! Like - EVER!


On a lighter note I'm off to the pub tonight. It's our last night in Lancaster before the big tour and it's late night shopping, so it's off for the last couple of bits and a few drinks with our friends straight from picking Yorkie up from work. That means I get to have tea out tonight! Weee! Nothing posh though as he'll be covered in cack from work. Probably just a Mc Donalds or something lol! Or a pizza or Kebab. So long as it's warm, filling, and not going to poison me so I can't drive I don't mind what it is! The diet is officialy off until New Year now. I'm packing my large jeans and big t-shirts! Just in case!

I'm sure I'll make one more post before we go, so I can whitter on about tonight, but beyond that I don't know if or when I'll get to a working PC while we're away. No blogging for a week! How will I cope??? I'll try to remember to take my camera at least so I can share some of the joy with you all.


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Now, we don't really do Romance, Yorkie and I. We're not the sort of couple that goes to posh restraunts, buy hearts and flowers on a whim etc, but last night we had a really sweet night. We didn't really do much that was classically romantic, it was the mood, the feeling in the air, if you know what I mean....?

I cooked us steaks for tea, which is always a winner for Yorkie (his second fav after anything pork) and had the candles lit in the front room. Not that I was going for a romantic atmosphere, I just like to have candles lit on cold dark nights.

We snuggled up on the settee together, watching nothing much on telly, all warm and cozy under a blanket, with the cat curled up o us. We'd been talking a little bit about the wedding and stuff, and about what my doc had said to me about what to do before we start a family. Yorkie's eyes went all soft and sweet, he was hugging me close and saying all the right kind of sweet thinks that I love to hear.

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Tom was trying for his first belt which is white. Rory was going for orange, and Jack was going for blue.

As usual parents can't stay to watch, so after dropping the three of them off I went for a wander to get some steps in for my own fitness (and a coffee and mince pie) with Freddie. In the freezing cold and bitter wind of Morecambe in December! Lucky old Hubby and Georgie stayed at home in the warm! Freddie didn't rate it at all - if he wasn't still 100% a boobie baby I wouldn't have dragged him out in it and left him home in the warm too.

When I got back to the school and queued up to get in and watch the belts be awarded I wound up chatting with another mum. We got on…

Tom wanted a go at cooking this week. And beef kofta curry was his choice! Big helping hand from mum but he worked had and we had fun singing in the kitchen while we cooked. This "teaching life skills" is alright you know

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