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Yay! Puss Cats and Music!

As we're going away for XMas me and Yorkie have agreed that it's not a good idea to take all the gifts we have been given WITH us, due to limited space in the car. Therefore we have been opening the odd little thing of an evening. Naughty we know, but hey. We're all grown up (ahem) and we'll do what we want! Haa haa haa!

So far I have opened 2 of the 4 from Jacs (some brillaint CDs and Thorntons chocs... the woman knows me so well! I love her!) and a perfect gift from Andrea, which is a beautiful pussy cat earing and necklace set!!!! Wonderful! Yorkie is going to be so mad when he sees them because he was looking for a broach for him mum in the same style, and can't find one! Should have started shopping sooner sweetie!

Just come back from a nice long lunch with Andrea. We meet in the Lancastian, the first time I've been there since I graduated. It was not the best choice of venues! Nothing wrong with the place as such, but who should turn up but Andrea's ex husband's WIFE! And they wouldn't serve us any food because they had too many staff do's on over lunch time (the ex's wife's do being one of them) so we supped up and bogged off to the Bobbin.

Driving back into Lancaster was a nightmare! Andrea was trying to follow me through the short cuts I know, and we almost lost each other. Having a bright yellow car has it's benifits! People can spot you and follow you! We parked up in Sainsbury's car park, but had to get a ticket. And guess who was on ticket duty? PETE! (ok, many of you wont know who Pete is. He used to be a friend when I worked at Sainsbury's, but the friendship became "strained" when I found out he's been trying to bed my ex, before and after he became my ex, and ended all together when his manic attention seeking and fake suiside attempts got a bit too much!)

Me and Andrea had lunch in the Bobbin, nattering about Glenn, FB, SB and the fate of MM. It's doomed! We all know that! We fantasied about how easy it would be go get Glenn into serious trouble with the tax people and police, it would only take a phone call to put a stop to all his illegal activites and finish MM off for good. I guess we're just too nice to actually do it. Shame....

We laughed at our men who are scarrily similar in so many ways. Clive has also failed to aquire Andrea a Christmas present so far, and has been known to - in a panic - buy somthing from the local off licence on XMas Eve! If it wasn't for Andrea being so organised there wouldn't be a gift for his son and his missus either. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have Andrea, I wont do Yorkie's shop for him! I'll go with him, or buy what he asks me to buy if he can't get to town, but I wont do the choosing etc. Not after last year!

I hated saying good bye to her. Daft isn't it, I'll see her again in a couple of weeks, but that'll be NEXT YEAR! We're going to meet up in the New Year, compare weight gains *grin* and we're talking about going back to the gym together, although knowing us it'll end up just visiting the sauna! I really need to get back into going to the gym, and with the pool re-opening in the New Year I have no excuses left. If I want to get slim I should work on burning fat and toning myself, not just dieting.... And if Andrea comes with me we can keep up with the gossip together! I'm too slack when it comes to keeping in touch with people. I plan on changing that in 2006!

Is it too soon to start making out new years resolutions? Yeah, I suppose it is, but there's no harm in thinking about what they might be.... I guess it'll be the ususal; Loose weight & go the gym, be a better friend and relative & keep in touch with people, save some money in my saving account instead of leaving at 28p for another year! I have a wedding to save up for now! I'm sure I'll refine it later and post it up for New Year.

I'm feeling all sentimental right now. I've seen or spoken to most of my friends now for the last time this year. I know we're seeing people on New Years Eve, but the people I'm not seeing are the people I feel closest to, people like Jacs and Andrea. It's probably not helping that I am listening to some fairly soppy tunes right now too. Tunes that remind me of happier days in the MM office when me and Andrea where still happy to be there, tunes that remind me of nights out with Jacs. It's been such a change this year for MM, this time last year we were having parties and nights out with Glenn and Lynn and we were all such good friends. Look at us now. It's stupid! No one's talking to each other, the companies going bust, and we're all skint. And as for Jacs... I hardly ever see Jacs and I'm missing her daughters growing up. I hardly know Mia at all, and Caitlin is growing up so quickly that it's scarry!

I'm going to have to go and find something to do before I make myself cry!


mummyboo said…
Really glad you liked the pressie!
It was definately a case of "SAW THIS AND THOUGHT OF YOU"
Don't be sad, you will have a great xmas and we will all be here next year ! Still skint, but with our integrity intact.LOL. Have a brill time....Love and Friendship..Andrea xx

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