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Boys will be boys

  • I had a little jaunt out on Friday. I went to meet Jen in the Bobbin for lunch with baby Adam - poor girl's going crackers sat inside all day and wants to go back to work, but in the meantime a pub lunch with a friend seems to do the trick!

  • I bumped into her just before we reached the pub and we went in together, but no sooner had we opened the door to go in than Mark lept out at us shouting "Araaaaaaaaagh!", lol, he was already in there with Olly so we got some drinks in and went to join them.

  • Olly had just sent in the last of his college work - none completed, but that was because he'd taked on far too many classes and it had got on top of him a bit. He says he only needs 40% though, and he's sure he's got at least that with the amount of work he has done. Mark was on the war path over his benifits which had been canceled all because he hadn't made a phone call to some department or other during Christmas week.

  • Naturally they needed a good drink after all this stress! It was good to catch up with them all. It's the first time I'd seen Olly or Jen since New Years Eve, and I hadn't seen Mark since before XMas. Adam is adorable! And I'm feeling all broody again! He's startig to get some teath through now, and has two on showing on his bottom gum. Naturally, he's drooling like a deamon though! He took great delight in chewing on the beer mats after his lunch!

  • Olly took off just before me and Jen ordered some food. He had to get back to work, but Mark stayed with us and shared our Curley Fries, trying not to get too sucked in by Adam's charms! It would never do for some one like Mark to admit he likes a child, lol!

  • About 3.30 Jen said she had to get Adam back home for his proper nap and his tea so I offered to give her a lift home. I had been supposed to meet Debs up at the Greaves for a coffee and a lift back to Bolton-le-Sands about that time anyway, and my car needed a new parking ticket on it so off we went. Debs called to cancel just as we set off (she's not well) and we had a nightmare trying to collapse the pram! I held a very sleepy Adam while Jen wrestled with the metal contraption - clearly designed by some one who had never had to collapse a pram! - and failed completely, so we swopped over and I tried to fold it up. No chance! Jen and Steph don't have a car so have never tried to collapse it before. We gave up and tried to fit the pram onto the back seat of the car while it was still up. And if I still had the Mondeo it would have worked, but the Micra is MUCH smaller, and being only a 3 door, there was NO CHANCE of it fitting in a million years, so grudgingly we have up and poor Jen ended up pushing her son home. I felt very guilty about it too!

  • Back in the pub with Mark we cooked up a plan to get Yorkie to come and play out for the night. I know we really REALLY can't afford a night out, but it's so rare these days that we ever do, and knowing that Yorkie had the day off on Saturday it was worth a chance. Basically, we double teamed him. Mark called him and told him he WAS coming to the pub, and to make sure, when I picked him up from work I just drove to the pub, not home, lol!

  • It was a good crowed too. By the time I was back with Yorkie Becky and Jigg were there, followed by Guy and his (I assume) girlfriend Louise, and Gemma was on her way over after work. Mark was getting happily tanked up, and tormenting me for drinking "black chemically fizzy shit" aka diet coke. I love having a chat with Becky, I hardly EVER see her, but she is some one I look up too. She's a little older than me, with 3 kids aged 2 to almost 15. There's not much she hasn't had to deal with and she is a wealth of life knowelege! Louise was at next to me and was kind of nervous. I hadn't realised until half way through the night that she didn't know any one other than Guy and Mark. Once I knew that I started to talk to her a bit more too. She's only 20 and her nervousness showed a bit, but she seemed sweet enough.

  • After a while people started to move off to other places, Becks and Jigg went home to their kids, and Guy and Louise went to do what ever they were doing next, so Gemma suggested going to the Yorkshire House. Hendrix had turned up too so off we went. And this is where is started to get a little strange......

  • I don't know if it was the fresh air that did it, the walk, or switching from Cider to Perri, but all of a sudden Yorkie and Mark were shit faced! Poor Mark was trying SO hard to tell me something, but I couldn't work out what! It was something to do with our wedding, or our getting married at all, or something. But it's impossible to have a conversatation with someone that drunk when you are sober! I know that if I had been drinking too I would have understood every word! But I hadn't, so I didn't! I thought I woul just do the "nod and agree" thing and hope for the best, and that he wouldn't rememebr tomorrow anyway. But then he seemed horrified that I had agreed with him, so I had to admit I didn't have a clue what he was on about. I sent Yorkie in - who was marginally less drunk (Mark had a head start, but Yorkie was drinking on an empty tum and was catching up fast) to try and clear the matter up.

  • For the next two hours the two lads were in deep conversation, talking about the wedding, talking about speeches, and fuck knows what else. Something bad must have been said at some point because it required them to "step outside" for a while..... but they came back un-blemished and still the best of friends so what went on there is anyones guess!

  • Eventually Yorkie relaised that he was completly trashed and asked if we could go home, so after a quick stop off at the local pizza place I drove him home. I tried to extract some of what had gone on between him and Mark, but he wasn't for telling me so I let it go. Somethings are best kept between them and I'm not going to push my luck. I might not like it! He promptly passed out when we got home and left me wide awake with 22 pint of diet coke in my system! Thank god for 24 on DVD to keep me sane until I finally nodded off!

  • In the morning it became apparent that Yorkie had - once again - irrigated the mattress in his sleep. I really must BAN him from drinking cider if this is the ineveitable result! Or else make him buy a new mattress and rubber sheet set (but then, it might flow over to me...... I can't win! It's not quite time for separate beds yet! And I'm running out of furniture for him to ruin!)

  • All Saturday Yorkie was Mr Amourus! One side effect of the cider I DO like..... his lack of inhibitions post-cider makes for a very intresting "sorry for being a piss head" sex session or two, which means I generally forgive him so long as he clears up his own mess and I don't have to suffer because of it!

  • I have realised that I become less and less angre with situations likes these. Yorkie will act like a prat when he's drinking. Yorkie will, erm, have accidents occasionally as a result of this drinking. It's horrible, but it's part of who he is, and I am accepting it. Not forcing myself to accept it, it's just happening. I know I have things about me which would gross people out if they knew about them. Yorkie knows and he just gets on with it. So do I. It's grim, but I think it's called love!


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