Friday, January 27, 2006

Chantelle Wins! (shock horror?)

So the non-celeb won celeb big brother.

Good for her.

But in all fairness, did anyone who saw the show think for one second that she wouldn't win? Am I the only one who think's this is a little unfair, and that infact Micheal Barrimore was the "true" winner as he was the last celeb in there?

I'm not saying that she should not have won.... I have nothing against the girl. But it was painfully obvious that she would win from the get-go.

So knowing the out-come, why did all of us who watched carry on watching?


Well, it's as good a reason as any I suppose, lol! I wish George Galloway had been in until the end. I think he and Pete Burns were great to watch! And I really wanted them to get their come-up-ance. And they didn't. Shame!

Have any of you been listening to BBC Radio 1's breakfast show? Aled (sorry if I've spelt it wrong) has had some cracking interviews! The George Galloway one has to have been my fav so far - I'm looking forward to Petes! I highly recommend anyone to download the Moyles Pod Cast for this week to get them if you missed them!

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