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Fed Up!

  • Not been posting much lately because I'm feeling fed up and wrestless. Yes.... I'm back in the "nothing wil entertain me" mood. I can imagine myself as some fabled medivel queen who had her jesters beheaded for not being funny enough.....
  • Also I have had a lot of work on, and being at MM yesterday just screwed my mood up even further.
  • On Monday I had more converstation with the nice people at Ziterdes and have agreed with them to sort out an order so that my poor waiting customer can actually get his stock at long long last! It was hopefully sorted out yesterday but I am still to see the money leave my account. I wont be totally happy until the money ispaid and my customer has his order.
  • One thing that did make me smile though was this last email I got from them:

Hi Charlie,
Attached please find the Invoice.
That’s the amount we would charge you with … waiting for your “o.k.”!

….and …. one question:
On the CC detail it says “Miss C. Oakes” …. so you are Miss ??
Is Charlie your Nickname?

With best regards Stephan

  • Hee hee hee! I still find it funny that people online think I'm a MAN!
  • I ended up doing a full day at MM again yesterday. I didn't want to, but I had feeling that was how it was going to go so I had paid for a full days parking just in case. FB was there! For all the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon. Although I have to say she was suprisingly nice and friendly with me. Not going to knock it. And she is easier to be around the the bullying witch SB. At least she doesn't pretend to be smarter or better than other people. She even complimented me on my weight loss......
  • She cleared out the whole of the stock room, cleaned it, and reorganised it! It actually LOOKS like a stock room now and not a tip. So maybe her being there wasn't cuch a bad thing.
  • It was bossman who wound me up.
  • He's desided that we should be selling second hand console games on the web site. And not only that, but the games that are for sale in the SHOP - the actual same games! Now for one, second hand games hardly ever sell off the web site. That's what ebay's there for! Secondly, selling the same game in two places is just asking for trouble. Bossman's solution? For me to teach other staff memebrs how to use dreamweaver and edit the site.
  • There is no way in hell that I am giving my job to someone else, espcially as no one else who is capable of doing the job actually wants to do it. Between us me and D managed to come to a compramise with bossman. I'll sell the games, but I'm the only one who edits the site. At the end of every day the people inthe shop emailme a list of what they have sold, and I spend 10 mins of my evening adjusting the site accordingly. OK, it's a pain, but damned if I'm handing over the web site just because bossman's had a dumb idea!

  • On top of that he had me counting and cataloging a ton of crappy mobile phone equipment which will NEVER sell! I put it all on ebay for 99p for the lot a year and a half ago and there wasn't a single bid on it! So I had to waist 3.5 hours tapping it all into the computer for him to do nothing with - again!

  • Very very pissed off with the whole thing!


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