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Fired and then NOT fired. EH?!

So I get to MM this mornng. S is behind the counter and I wish him a happy new year and all that sort of stuff. He tell me that the boss man is in! Shock Horror!

So I totter up stairs via D (who I beg and bribe to come over an fix Yorkie's PC which died on us this morning) and into the office where Glenn is sat. I said hello, wished him a happy new year and so on, and asked if he's got my email.

"Not since last night" he says

"No, I sent you one a fortnight ago...."

He cuts me off, "Oh, I replied to that last night."

"I didn't get it" And I hadn't, but to be fair I hadn't checked my yahoo emails this morning with all the cuffuffal of Yorkie's PC being down.

"Well, I think you should take the web site down for now," he gave reasons, which basically meant he couldn't afford to keep paying me to do it if it wasn't making money. So I gentally reminded him that if he had not scewed paypal up..... anyway.

This is it:

Hi Charlie

Thanks for e-mail.

For the time being
would you be kind enough to disable the internet site; untill I get on top
of the finances and able to order stock unhindered there is little point in
trying to maintain the site. I find it easy enough to make money myself
doing Preston and Manchester but Lancaster, Queen Street and Festival are unable
to make any profit at present. I'll probably end up sacking off Festival
and Lancaster and concentrate on making something out of Queen street in the
very near future.

Thanks for all your help on the internet,
possibly in the future you can give me some help if I manage to get things
sorted and you are not too busy with other work. But for now running the
internet is a pointless task as I can not give you the support required;
financial or otherwise to make it worthwhile.

I hope you are well
and things are going great with Yorky!

Hopefully, I will speak to
you in the future.


What do you think of that then????

Well, as I hadn't seen this email then I sat down powered up the PC and asked Glenn what he's like me to do today. He gave me a small list of jobs:

  • Set up a new PayPal account
  • Set up a new eBay account
  • Set up an Amazon account
  • Think of a new shop name


Well, I wanted my 50 quid, so I did it. I asked him what he wanted to do about the web site as I had heared he wasn't up for it any more and it would expire soon anyway (remember I hadn't seen that email until I got home just now). He Umed and Ahed about it for a bit, which drives me mad. I ask a question, I want an answer, and Glenn hardly ever answers a question, so I kept on at him:

If he wants me to open a second paypal account, then I can reactive payment on the web site. He said there were many lines on there he wouldn't be (Ahem... CAN'T) stocking at the moment, such as GWS and Logic 3. Not a problem, says I, I can take those off and just keep Trust & QTec on. And guess what.... he agrees!

So I did the jobs, and made sure I got my money and put it in the bank. Once that was done (all apart from some card details which he says he'll either send me or do him self) I double checked my employment status:

"So, what do you want from me now then? Just come in next week to finish up, or...."

"No, no, no, carry on as before. Keep coming in, we'll see how it goes."

Result! Just got to make sure MM gets some web sales now! ACK!


I didn't really get to speak to her, Glenn was teaching her the way he likes his books being done, and she seems very quiet anyway. Glenn was chatting away to me like we'd never been anything other than best friends, telling me about his 18 yo, his 21 yo, his tart in the Dominican Rep and all manor of other things, and asking about me and Yorkie. This lady showed no intrest in joining in. Probably a good idea though! Knowing what that place is like! She's an older lady I think, her name's Julie, or June, or something like that. Seems nice. Seems quiet. Sure there wont be a problem there. And Glenn has some ebay work for me to do in the future so I wont be sat there doing nothing to be grassed up about! Hahahaa!

According to S though, Boss Man has not been to see SB all the time she's been off work! How's that for strange! Considering according to her he's there every weekend, and they are having a fling.... Very interesting. S aslo implied that I should go and visit her, as he's the only one from work who's been and she's bored. Ahhh, so sad! I don't know where she lives anyway. Although the tempation to gather gossip is a slight pull..... No, she'll start on Andrea and I'll end up smacking her. Even I'm not to harsh as to hit a woman post-op. No matter how much of a bitch she is. I think I'll stay away!

Gonna go and email Andrea with the goss now! Weeee!


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