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Is the internet a good or bad thing?

How many blogs does one person need to be attached to? Surely I have taken on too many, but media is media, and promotion is promotion, and if it's free then all the better. I just hope I am not infinging blogger rules (I don't think I am - plenty of people advertise on here don't they).
I guess it's just because I am so addicted to blogs.... well, the web in general. Lets face it, I build web sites and blogs for a living, I buy and sell on the web for aliving and for fun, most of my games involve the web, any of my hobbies I have away from the computer wind up on the web in the form of a blog or mini web page..... I think I need to get myself away from the damn thing a bit. But I know I wont.
I remember as a child, living in the sticks, miles away from my friends, being boared out of my skull! I didn't have a PC until I became a college student, but when Dad brought his home from school during the holidays (in the days before every one had the net) I would spend hours playing on it. There were no games - apart from freesell etc - so I played with the word processor writting diaries or publishing "news papers" about my life and my friends. Sound familiar? I always kept a diary as a teen too, but I guess many girls do. I wonder where they are now?
Now I have this wonderful thing in my life - the internet! The perfect way for me to work, play, keep in touch with friends and family, and vent my self. It's a support system for my depression and for my "life changes" like my diet and fitness - almost like visiting a counciller! Infact, I recommend it to anyone taking councilling as a good way to get "issues" off their chests when they are not in their sessions.
I dread to think what I would be doing with myself in this world if the internet had not come into our lives.
  • I never stuck to writting letters to friends (email is instantly gratifying, letters can take weeks when your friends are all across the world),
  • I never stuck to job that didn't involve working with the net,
  • I only passed my exams because I could research on the web during my aggraphobic stage of my depression,
  • I can't afford councilling anymore and blogging is the best outlet I have.
Without it I would have no qualifications, no job, loose touch with my friends, and probably go completly insane! I truely think I was born to use the web, and if I had been born in a different time I'd be screwed, like a natural ice skater being born in the desert, a god given skill gone to waist.
So when I heared the adverts on TV (and I have to say heared as I was on the PC and not watching the TV, just listening to it) giving good and bad view points on the internet, and "Some people thing the internet is a bad thing / good thing" I clearly had my point of view on the subject! (Although it made me laugh that you are expected to use the internet to discuss it! lol
Now, I would imagin that anyone reading this blog will probably agree with me that it is a good thing - no doubt for your own reasons and not mine - but I am yet to meet anyone who doesn't like it. Sure, there are people who don't use it and are a little scared of it because it looks complicated (My mum and step dad being two of those people, they have the net but don't know the first thing about how to use it, so hardly ever do). I can see there are problems with it, like the issues of terrorism and child porn being made more accessible.... But the fact that these horrible people also use it makes them open to detection and STOPPING! And what about governments "snooping" our private emails and so on..... In all fairness, the avaerage person doesn't communicate anything which will be harmful. Personal stuff is of no interest to Big Brother, and IF we are being snooped, then so are the people who set out to cause harm. Any goverment is welcome to snoop me, if it also means they lock up a child abuser who might other wise interfer with my child, or yours, or caputre a terriorist unit who plan to murder hundres of innocents!
I say long live the web!
Long live freedom of speech - if we don't like a web site, we can block it from our systems or just not visit it!
Long live access to information which will encourage education and benifit us all!
Long live a medium which allows ANYONE to run a small business and contribute to the economy!
Long live a communication tool which truely makes the world a smaller place, were we can keep in touch with friends and family, and meet new like-minded people all across the globe!
Can any of us actually imagin a future without it???


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