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Lost 1lb....

OK, so it's not brilliant, but it is a loss, and when you consider what I have been eating this week it's acutally pretty damn good! After all, I have not counted ANY points for the last three weeks, and up until yesterday morning I have been eating chocolate EVERY DAY since the day before Christmas Eve....

But that's all gone now. It's all behind me (litteraly, my arse is HUGE today!) and I'm determined to get back on track. I have to keep telling myself "Hey, I lost a pound without my points or work out, imagin how much I'll loose when I do it RIGHT!"
I've even started to post on the Cheeky Chicks message board on my WW Challengers web site, which I haven't really bothered to do much before. Look at this lovely responce I got from my WWC team leader!
Hi Charlie

I have had trouble with the computer so all links and
emails have been difficult to send. I am sure I have missed you and you have
already gone out on the way to your weigh in.
I am here to support you 100%.
The board is here to post any messages you want to so I thank you so much for
saying how you feel.
It is awful when we dread getting to winter for the
winter blues. I used to suffer from SAD and learned with positive thinking to
learn to cope with it.
such a similar weight as me. I have been struggling to lose anything over the
past 3 weeks as I stayed the same. I didnt break the rules with my points and I
exercised but the scales were not good to me. I think we could share the
Valentines challenge together. As we have a similar way to go with the weight
loss we could compare daily diaries, how we felt, what we eat. What positive
things we do each day. What we are looking forward to in Spring and Summer. For
the first time in many years I am not feeling depressed in winter. I am so
focussed and would really like to help you to feel the same. The weight will
start to reduce again soon. Dont worry today what the scales show. It is today
onwards that you need to focus on. Lets make today the first day of the rest of
your new life. You really seem to be a lovely person. You can get lots of
support from myself and the team. I know that a lot of the ladies will know just
how you are feeling and will want to support you and will send a message to let
you know they are thinking of you.
Let us start a plan straight away for us
to share.
When you come back, post your WI on the board. Then say how you
felt when you found out what your weight was. If you felt really negative then
that is the last time you will feel like that about your weight. We tend to eat
more when we are feeling low and the foods we eat affect our endorphines/ the
feel good factor. We reach for the comfort foods like chocolate and sugarry
foods tht give us the feel good factor but the feeling only lasts short
while before we feel down again. I would like to get you to have the feel good
factor all the time. I found that once I had cut out all chocolate the feel good
feeling was there all the time.
I know it sounds daft but the more positive
I can get you to think then the better you will feel. At first you will have to
talk yourself into feeling positive and feeling good but you can do it.
are such a pretty young lady and you are in a long term relationship. That is
good to start with. I dont know if you have read the link about the
measurements. Although I weigh 11 stones 3.5 I measure more than some ladies who
weigh up to a stone more. It is not all about how much we weigh as much as we
need to look at our measurements aswell. Dont be disappointed if you measure
yourself and are not happy with what you read. This is the last time you will be
that size. Do you exercise, it says that you run your own online business. So do
I. I am sure this has contributed to my weight gain. I exercise regularly from
home now. How much exercise are you managing to fit in? The exercise stimulates
our feel good /endorphines.
I really would love to hear from you Charlie.
Please get in touch when you get back.
You really do deserve to lose more
weight on the diet as you were doing so well. I would love to know what you are
eating and your likes and dislikes.
Big hugs Charlie
Janet xxxxxx
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Its also good to see some one who knows what SAD is like, and also to have what I've been told will make me better confirmed by an "ex-sufferer".

**Mental Note** Pop onto WWC and make a post when ever I update my WW tracker!
So the tummy is back a bit, but it;s not going to be there forever. I have a strong plan of attack, and so long as I stick to it I know I'll be slim in no time.


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