Thursday, January 12, 2006

MM Update, and Urban Mammoth Rant

So I went to MM today, and sure enough bossman was there. Very impressed that he's actually stuck to this "I will be in" thing. Normally I would never believe him, but there you go. He's still being nice as pie to me - of cause he knows I'll have read his little email by now.........
And he's actually given me some proper work to do for the first time in months! I have been given 25 games to sell on our new ebay shop, and a stack of games workshop lord of the rings box sets to shift on auction too. So if you're in the UK, like LOTR, XBox or PS2, have a look here and bid on something!
Please! Keep me employed until my business can support me! Lol.....
D's still not been able to fix Yorkie's PC. He's still not been able to pin point exactly what's wrong with it yet which is rather worrying as he is one of the few people I trust with the inner working of my mechanical babies! Still, I have faith. I'm sure he'll sort it out as soon as he can. He does have a queue of jobs waiting to be done though so I can't hassle him too much.
I tried to get some info out of bossman about if he's been to see SB lately. He was very vauge about it... said he'd seen her daughter (the one he used to be engaged to) and her new baby, and he's seen SB's hubby, but not her. Mmmm... Interesting!
June, the new book keeper, is still keeping very much to herself. The time I spent in the MM office today was very quiet indeed. I think even bossman has given up trying to be buddies with her. She's very sensible, sticking to her professional role in that place. That's where me and Andrea fell down, trying to be friends with evil people! I'm just impressed that she's still there. She must have an idea of the problems in that place by now!
I'm having some more hassle with MY OWN business today too. Which I am REALLY mad about! It seems that Urban Mammoth are no longer stocking Ziterdes terrain. Which I happen to love. Which I happen to sell a lot of. Which I happen to have an outstanding order of over £150! And which they KNEW about before christmas and only told me they couldn't fulfill TODAY!
So I am heavily pissed off about that. I have demanded that they TRY to find at least SOME of the order, I have emailed the Ziterdes people themselves in an attempt to find a new supplier, and contacted my other suppliers to see if they wil consider stocking it.
I just hope I get some soon, it's a big order to have to refund!
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