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No more mice?

  • Well the good news was this morning all my mouse traps were void of mice. It looks like it was just the one lone mouse, so I am feeling much happier about that.
  • I've cleared out all my kitchen cupboards today and bleached them all. The poor dishwasher is going non-stop while I make sure all my pots and pans etc are squeeky clean (excuse the pun) before I put them all away again.
  • I've also been brutal with my throwing away of stuff that I don't use. Nobody who bakes as little as I do needs 5 cake tins and 4 bun trays. So I now have 2 cake tins (incase I want to make a sandwich cake) and 1 bun tray. I've saved 1 pie dish, and 1 pizza pan, 1 lasagnia dish and most of my serving dishes as they will get used sometimes. But the amount of junk that was in there just wasn't needed. So I've filled two huge bin bags with stuff to go to the recycling centre, it'snot even worth trying to flog on eBay. And I have also thrown out over 100 chinese take-away boxes. Sure they are useful because they are microwave safe and sealable and all that, but we had a cupboard full of them! Now I have about 10, which is much more sensible.
  • Maybe this whole mouse thing wasn't such a bad thing after all......

  • Actually I have been pretty productive all round today. I have been in touch with Ann Summers and am organising selling their products on a web site and eBay (yes, I know they have their own site, but no good company will turn down new sales outlets!), AND I have set up a meeting with a potential new web page customer on Wednesday. "Kitten Fever" is looking for people to host parties (like Ann Summers, but with jewelry etc) and I thought I'd see if they'd let me sell stuff on line instead. It seems the lady who does it is already on eBay, and they do have a domain name registered but with no web site attached yet. So... she said she's like to meet me and see what I can do! Now, this can go any number of ways.
  1. She's not intrested in anything I can do once we meet
  2. She lets me sell her stuff via a web site with the normal 20% comission or what ever they do
  3. She lets me build the site proper
  • As long as it's either the second or third option I'll be happy! But I'm not building my hopes up too high. I have all my stuff ready to burn to CD to show her incase there's not internet access in the shop where we are meeting. I wish I had access to a laptop to play it on, just in case there's no computer, but I can't do anything about that right now.

  • I need to get some more sites up and running. Even if they are just the basic fee sites. I need to increase that portfolio and get some money in. But I'm making a start! Wish me luck!


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