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No WW for me today :0(

Ever had one of those days? Well I'm having one of those weeks.
  • The oven's not working
  • The Micro Wave is making strange burning smells and I'm SURE I saw a spark in it today so I'm not going to be using that!
  • My PCs are not good - one is still away getting fixed, and today the other one when wibbily.
  • Poorly PC means I have to fix it asap (for work), and it was too late to get to my WI after I got it fixed and did the essential stuff that needed doing
  • My own scales are sooooo old and useless that I have had to get on them 5 times and take an average reading as they said something different every time I got on them! I think I've lost about a pound, but it could be wrong. I could weigh less, I could weigh more.
Basically, it's not been good! I'm I'm really glad that it's the weekend and I can start a fresh.
I'm starting to eye up a nice little laptop for the business. Not because I'm hacked off with the PCs, I'm not, but I want to be able to go round the local small businesses with a laptop full of examples of web sites and see if I can drum up a little business. There's not much point in sending email, or letters, or making cold calls because people get bombarded with shit like that all the time and pay no attention to it any more. However, if I turn up in the shop looking smart and bearing examples of work I might get a job or two out of it.
I'm thinking about building up my portfolio and keeping a good selection on CD-ROM so I can turn up and show them what can be done, without havng to rely on there being an internet connection in the shop I'm visiting. Plus, having them on disc means that I don't need to worry about slow download times if the available connection is a slow one.
I'm going to have to get a little extra cash from somewhere. Twice now I have missed the sign-up dates for the open uni classes I want to do to brush up on my web design skills purely because I've not been able to afford to register for the class. The longer I wait to train up again, the harder it's going to be to get more web sites to design as I am getting left behind in the skills department. It's very frustraiting! I've got myself into a very tricky situation. I'm working all day and all night on my own business for no money. I only get my working tax credits, which are not enough to live on. They will just about pay for food, but you can forget paying bills and fuling the car. I get 50 a week for maintaining the MM site, but that could stop at any time! He's already fired me once this year, and it's only because I didn't know and turned up anyway that he's kept me on. He could change him mind again just as easily. Sure, we have Yorkie's wage, but I am not happy about having to rely on my partners wages to keep going. I keep saying that I will have to get a second job, but there are problems that come from that, like time off to do MMs work, staying home on days I'm expecting deliveries, and loosing my tax credits because I'm earning too much.... I'm up shit creek here!
The only way I can see to get out of this hole is to maintain a few more sites, but without the additional training I want there wont be many people who will take me on. So long as people are happy to email me price / stock lists, and are happy to accept paypal payments I'll be fine. But there are far more people who will want something a little more professional than that if they are going to be paying me. Naturally, I reflect this in my prices, but that also means there's not much money in it for me.
I know that all I need to do is pick up the phone to mum or dad and ask for a helping hand with the cost of the classes, but I want to be able to do this myself. I should not be having to beg for handout at my stage in life. I hate doing it. I know they would both give me evry last penny they have if I asked..... but what kind of person would do that to their parents?
So what do I need?
  • 400 quid for a laptop
  • 165 quid to get started on the OU

How much do I have?

  • 200 pounds, 170 of that needs to go out as a refund for the Ziterdes stuff I can no longer get hold off!



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