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Price Lists..... At last!

So finally today I get the Jan - Mar price list from Games Workshop. To their credit the post date was well before XMas, guess it got held up in the post somewhere, but it's here now.

But it's arrival cocked up my whole day. You see I've been waiting for this price list for ages. Normally I get it well before the change over date which gives me time to alter all the pages on my web site before the new prices and lines come out, and before the old end-of-line items finish. Then I can just up-load them to the web on change-over day and it's all done.

But today is the 11th Jan, and that means all my Games Workshop pages are 11 days out of date, so getting the price list today meant changing everything TODAY or I run the risk of being in a world of pain business-wise. It means I have - for 11 days now - been offering products which are no longer available, selling some lines at the wrong price, and not selling new lines. It doesn't take someone with a business degree to see that's BAD and needs changing ASAP.

So that's what I've done today. All day. Well, between 10.30 this morning when the postman came, till 6 this evening when I finally got through it all. With no break for lunch, it was soup at my desk spooning with one hand and typing with the other. Lucky for me Yorkie is home and kept bringing me cups of coffee to keep me going or I think I'd have had a complete metal breakdown! Well, ok, maybe that's a bit strong, but I would have gone thirsty rather than go down and put the kettle on.

I didn't get to the gym either, which I am quite gutted about, but this time work was too pressing to be put off for a couple of hours while I go to the gym. Normally I can fit work round it, but not today. Of cause not going to the gym means no bonus points, and therefore no rewarding pizza for tea. I'm on with the veggie burgers instead (which I think are only 2.5 points each, will have to check that), maybe with potato waffles, beans and salad. Mmmm Orange Food! I have 9 points to play with so I can still have a nice meal. But I really wanted that pizza!

Tonight is the last double episode of Lost on Channel 4.... I can't wait! I'm soooo sad that it's finishing. I have been hooked on that show since the first episode and I just KNOW I'll be buying the DVDs as soon as I can afford them. At least it's being replaced with Desperate House Wives though so I'll still have some good bed time viewing. We're both still ino Shameless on ch4 on Tuesdays. Watched it last night and I loved it. Yorkie thinks it's not as good as it used to be "It's grim" he says, but it always has been. That's one of the things I like about it. I'm just waitng for the next serise of Nip/Tuck to air, as I kept on missing it on Sky One. I have to say that Channel 4 from 10pm is pretty much always great! And on the nights when it isn't, I still have half on serise 4 of 24 on DVD to watch!

Shows I LOVE on Channel 4!

Other shows I love:


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