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Baby Shower

Baby Shower!

Never been to one before – it’s an American thing normally right? Well, what ever it is it, it was good fun!

Jill is due in the next couple of weeks now and Fran, Sarah and Tara had planned a surprise Baby Shower round at Tara’s house. A very posh affair too! Tea, scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, Victoria sponge cake, fairy cakes, finger sandwiches….. Oh so very British (about 50 years ago, lol) and very, very nice. We all chipped in and did our bit. It was Fran’s idea, Tara’s house for location, Sarah made the scones and decorations, and I did the sandwiches… Big Sarah was running late though. She’s been to the Tourism Awards the night before (Big Sarah works at Blackpool zoo) and had got rather drunk on free wine. She texted Tara to say she’s going to be late as she was “washing vomit out of her hair”…. Yuck!

Gary brought Jill round under the pretence of a pub lunch with Tara and Sarah. Sarah suggested we all hid, and then jump out shouting “surprise” when Jill got there, but with only a couple of weeks until the baby was due, I didn’t think that was such a good idea…. Not on Tara’s lovely cream carpet anyway! Lol!

When Jill arrived we did “surprise” her, but gently, lol, and baby stayed put. We sat round when Tara served tea and chocolates in Grandma’s best tea service (how civilized!) and we awaited Big Sarah’s arrival while Jill eyed up the gifts.

Big Sarah arrived just as we were about to settle in for “tea and scones”, and Jill opened her gifts. There certainly seemed to be a bit of a jungle theme, with my giraffe, Big Sarah’s elephant, and the Tiger baby gym (off Fran or Sarah, can’t remember) featuring hippos, monkeys, lions and crocs, as well as other lovely bits and bobs.

We tucked into our cream tea (at a staggering 35.5 weight watchers points! DOOM!), and Tara announced that she had arranged for a lady from Virgin VIE to come round and do a make-up demo and sell some make-up and jewellery to us. That was so much fun too! We all had a go (apart from Big Sarah, who wa still suffering from the night before. Tara went first, then Sarah, then Fran, then me, and finally Jill, who had fought all the way and then finally said “do just one eye”, the “do both” and then “oh what the hell, do the lot!” hee hee hee!

She did a nice job of the make-up. It’s nice stuff, but she made us up a little older than we would normally go. We’re all late 20’s to early 30’s and the style she used was a bit late 30’s to 40’s…. but still, it was good fun. I tried out some of the green colours so I can get a good idea for our wedding next year.

Tara and Colin are next to get wed. They are having the same date and Sarah and Ray, 27th Aug this year (day after my birthday!) so she played around with her wedding make up too.

Conversation swung to babies and weddings, as you’d expect, and the girls were horrified when I told them Yorkie’s idea for wearing green velvet! Ha!! They are all envisioning the same St Patrick’s Day Parade that I am having nightmares about. Jill says I have to tell him no way, but how can I? It caused a big laugh anyway! And I confirmed that me and Yorkie will probably be the next to pop out a sprog, as that is one of the main reasons we’re getting married. Tara was telling us her plans for the hen night. She wants a “day at the races” which is certainly different. I’m not a fan of horse racing, but I bet that would be a good day. I’m thinking posh hats and champers…. But I think it might end up being jeans and flasks of tea, lol! I told them my dream of a pamper day, massages, manicures, facials, make-up and hair, and then a night out – if I can afford it all that is! It might end up being all that for me, Jacs and Andrea, and then a night out with all the girls afterwards if I’m still skint!

All in all it’s been a really good day. Topped off with the fact that this morning I weighed in at 10 stone 13.5 pounds, which makes me under 11 stone for the fist time in my adult life! Yahoo! But after today’s cream tea, I can’t see me loosing much more!


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