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Can't Sleep - And it's no wonder!

It's 1 in the morning. I can't sleep. I've been in bed since just after 10 and I can't get my brain to shut down.

It's been a busy few days. And it's not going to ease up for a while yet!

On Monday the lady from Avon came round and we set up my becoming a seller again for the first time in about 6 years. It was only a short meeting, no more than about an hour, but I'm all set up for that now. As well as selling on line, it happens that my street and the three surrounding streets no longer have an "Avon Lady", and it would be downright foolish of me not to go round with the books and drum up some extra cash that way too. Especially as I am not in a position to set up a new web site right away. For one, it's no where like finished, and secondly, even if it was, I can't afford the hosting and domain just yet.

While she was here my dad called. I told him I'd have to call him back and once the lady had left for her next apointment I called him back. He had called me to tell me about Ron & Janettes granddaughter, and was greatly cheered by my news of a new line of business. I also told him about going to see Kitten Fever tomorrow. He asked if a laptop would help in anyway - and th answer is a resounding yes if only I had the means. He said to me "buy one and I'll send you the cash on" which is a brilliant offer, but if I had the money to buy one, I'd have alredy done it by now. Here's the brilliant bit; he says to me "what are you doing tonight?" and apart from picking Yorkie up from work and organising my Avon books, the answer was "not a whole lot". So he said he'd pick me up a cheap laptop, and come over right away!

Sure enough by 8.30 Monday night dad and Fay arrived and brought along with them a brand new laptop! I served them dinner and whisked dad off up to my office to show him how I had progressed while we set up the laptop with all the anti-virus stuff and networking. Needless to say he is thrilled with it all, and wouldn't accept any thanks for bailling me and the company out yet again with hardware!

Today hasn't been a bundle of laughs though. It's MM day again, although I managed not to spend the whole day there. I have had too much to do at home that had to be done today to piss about there too long.

It's gone back to being "interesting" there today. When I arrived there was only D in, which meant I could nip into the office and up-load the software I needed without have to "borrow" the disks, and I was safely digging into some proper MM work when bossman arrived. There was evidence that SB had been in - she has a habit of walking around with tea-towels and leaving them neatly folded in stupid places, like on the backs of office chairs, and the banister. There has been an absence of rouge tea-towels this last few weeks, and today they were all over the place! Shortly before bossman arrived in the office BF turned up with her dog in tow again (poor mutt). It seems bossman needed to talk to her about the business somewhere private (but as they still live together, why were they having this talk in the office?). Ijust got on with my work. Bossman eventually went down to the shop to speak to D. J came in and started working. FB was on the phone to various people and as she has the most grating voice (apart from maybe SB's) I was trying to ignore her. But she only has one volume - Skreetch!

  • She closed the Morecambe market stall
  • she closed the Lancaster Markets stalls, inside & out
And after that she was asking me where she would be able to find the number for Deed Poll .... SO BOSSMAN COULD CHANGE HIS NAME!

I found her the number and didn't question it, but she can't keep that big gob of her's shut, and hates when I don't ask "why" and just HAD to tell me. It seems that Bossman needs to change his name in order to do..... "something" She cut herself off mid sentence, clearly remembering that she wasn't supposed to tell me this kind of thing. I said nothing, and she carried on digging a deeper hole for herself. She told me that bossman's surename wasn'this real surname (which I already knew) it was a double-barreling of his name and his mothers maiden name (which I also knew). She was trying to make out that bossman had never officially changed his name to this, and that he was having to do it now, rather than change umpteen other things. I don't believe this. I am quite sure that he DID legally change his name to that which we know him as now, and that he is trying to do it again..... How else would he have bank accounts etc in this name?

After a few hours bossman and FB left, and I started to pack up. I had some stuff which I needed to take to the lancaster stall (under orders not to mention the fact they were all about to be let go) and before I went to fetch my car I had a natter with J. She was telling me that FB and her man-servent from the morecambe stall (shall we call him lapdog as his initial is the same as someone elses I am already using?) would be taking over the shop below the office. I can't see SB being happy with that! And surely that meant the D and S would be fired, which FB has wanted for a long time (as well as me and Andrea getting rid of). So I went down to see D.

Bossman had just let him go too. And, we assume, S. D confirmed that SB had been in within the last week to see when she could come back to work. There was a very long discussion between bossman and SB, and she left. And hasn't been back since, so that's anyones guess. D says last week bossman went to the bank, and they had "no good news" and that bossman is having to sell the business, or the bank will take it off him!

My next stop was Lancaster. Where I learned yet MORE! Not only did the lads KNOW they were getting let go (P and a casual lad I haven't met before both have 6 weeks, poor J only has one because he's new) because bossman had told them today, but they were also firmly under the impression that he was selling the business, and moving..... TO SPAIN!

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!

Head spinning, I went home to sort out my own shit.

My VAT return is due today, and once again I am behind with it. I'll be honest, I have no clue what I am doing with the VAT return, but I've gone over everything the educator did with me last time and I think I've got it right. Sadly, because Christmas is such a profitable time I actually have to pay THEM this quater (and damned if I have the cash! Maybe they'll take a post dated cheque!).

Once that was sorted I just had time to pick Yorkie up from work before I set off trawling the streets posting off Avon books and marking everything down in my little book. Only it's dark outside and I cocked my book up so when I got in I made a spreadsheet for the info instead - and then had to cook tea (because men dont know where the kitchen is and would rather STARVE than put some fish fingers under the sodding grill!) before starting the labour intensive task of designing, building and editing a CD-ROM of my work to take to Kitten Fever tomorrow (well, today, as it's now 1.30am).

At just after 10 I thought I had it all perfect, and then realised there was one flaw. Just the one..... but it had fucked my entire layout! I knew I could fix it in an hour, so I thought "I'll leave it till morning. I have hours to kill before I have to set off. It'll be ok" but NNNOOOOOOOO I can't sleep because it's weighing on my mind! So after over 2 hours of tossing and turning I've got out of bed and done it.

But my head it still racing. And after the few days I've had are you suprised? I'm also very nervous about this meeting with Kitten Fever. Everything is worrying me, from not being able to find the place, to how I carry it off when I get there. Yorkie say's I'll be fine. It's just like another job interview. That's a BIG help love, thanks for that! Up until that point I was telling myself I'm just trying to sell something! Now I have to sell me too!

And staying up half the night it not going to give off the best impression is it?

It's not that I'm not tired, because I am. I'm shattered! A nice long sleep is just what I want, bt every time I lie down and close my eyes I have thoughts and images racing through my head which keep me awake! I used to suffer from insomnia, and occasionally it haunts me again. Tonight is one of those nights. As was last night. I have broken out in spots all over my chin (and my bum for some reason! Yuk!) and my tum is making some of the strangest sounds! I really don't want to be gurguling through this meeting tomorrow! Or yawning.

I'm going to have one last check over everything to put my mind at rest, and give it another try. If I can't nod off, I'll go downstairs and put Discovery on. A nice relaxing nature show will send me off.......

Wish me luck! And sweet dreams to you all!


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