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Gary's Birthday Lunch

Hee hee hee.....

What happenes when you get a bounch of good mates all together in a country pub for an afternoon, less than a week before the birthday-boy becomes a daddy for the first time?

You get a lot of very very drunk men, and a lot of very very broody women!

What a brilliant day though! We all meet up at the Stalk up Conder Green way between 1 and 1.30 this Sunday. It was Gary's birthday on wednesday, and on Friday his good lady wife Jill is going to hospital to have their first born child! It was a good crowd; Gary and Jill, Ray & Sarah, Tara and Colin, Simon (minus Fran who was feeling ill, after what she said last week i understand, poor love), Big Andy, Big Sarah (now to be called Tom as her last name in Thomas and that's better than being called "big" when infact she's just much taller than the other Sarah) and us. No Olly, no Oz, and no Mark & Gemma.... Olly I assume is working, Mark & Gemma are probably skint (or not invited / turned down invite, ahem), but it was strange to me that Oz wasn't there. Jill had mentioned that they were off with each other last weekend, but I hadn't given it much thought. They are very close friends after all. But I'll come back to that.

The meal as great! I ended up having garlic bread, followed by steak and kidney pudding (sorry diet, again!) and then shared a chocolate fudge cake with Jill at the end (woops!). I was driving so I stayed on the diet cola again - which prooved to be another bad idea. As every one else got plastered I got hyper!

After lunch (which finished about 4pm) the boys cleared off together, taking about football, playing pool, and doing what ever men do together... Poor Ray was drunk in no time. He's working all nights at the moment and it's wrecked his body, so booze goes right to his head, and then he falls asleep!

We girlies sat round and talked about babies and weddings, as Sarah's wedding was only last summer, Tara's is his summer, and mine is next summer, there was a lot to say on the subject of weddings! Jill's tum was never far from the centre of the conversation though. Sarah is going to be godmother, Yorkie is godfather, and depending on the "flavor" of baby when it's born, either Jills sister, or Gary's brother will make up godparent number 3. "Tom" was a little worried about the girly talk, and took off to finish up moving house and completing her cause work. She's one of the last girls to hold out from wife and motherdom, and wants to keep it that way!

Because of Jill diebeates she's having to have the baby early. It's not actually due until the middle of march, but there can be so many complictions and dangers in the last couple of weeks that the doctors are not willing to take the chance, and neither are Gary and Jill, so she goes in on friday to be enduced. She's not looking forward to it! Jill is the kind of lady who asks exactly what is going to happen to her when she's in hospital (and considering that she almost died once, that's understandable!), but the down side to that is... well... you end up knowing!

Still, she's a strong woman, and she's going to be fine. I'm hoping that she might pop over and see us before she goes into hospital. She said she's like to, but I know that these last few days she's going to be a little busy...! So long as she knows she and baby can call round to see me anytime. If she's sick of being stuck in the house alone with a baby I am more than willing to take some time out to spend with them both.

I seem to be the only person in the group who has any friends with kids! It's quite spooky. Jill is the first one in our "group" to have a baby, but my best friend has two, two of my former housemates have kids, and most of my other friends have kids too like Andrea who has three! And there's Rachel, Yorkie's sister who has two, both my step sisters have kids too. because of this I have picked up a few tips which I was passing on, and it seemed like I was the Old Matron who'd been there and done it all a hundred times. Clearly I haven't!!!

About 9.30 we all desided it was about time to go. The lads were all hammered, and most people had work to goto today so taxis were ordered and people started to filter off outside. Jill called me into the ladies with her while she snook a sly smoke (her only one of the night - very proud of her). As we went in she muttered somthing about Oz, so I asked "are you two still not palls then?" She rolled her eyes, and told me that a few weeks ago Oz had told her he loved her. That he had always loved her.


Ever since then things have been off between them - fair enough! Not only is Jill married, shes having a baby! It's not the kind of declaration you're gonna be doing cartwheel over! I said to he, trying to be reasuring, "He'll come to terms with it. I mean, you're married, you're having a baby. Nothing's changed, and it's not gonna....", and before I got any further Sarah came in to say the taxi had arrived. But she did go on to say that she was sick of being th one who chaced him up, who called him and so on. he never calls her (even before this declaration) and they haven't bothered with each other since New Year.

It'll be very sad to see a good and long frienship end, but i can understand how difficult it must be for all of them. I don't know how much of this every one else knows, so I'm keeping stum about it within the group. Hopefully it'll all blow over!


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