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MM day, again

Well, it’s been another MM day…. I took off about 1.30 this afternoon, it’s driving me mad being there! Not that there has been any unpleasantness or anything today because there hasn’t. There’s not even been any gossip worthy of passing on. It’s just not the job it used to be and there are 100 other places I would rather be than sat there!

With D gone for good it was S who had opened up. So he’s not been fired yet. That’s something I guess. We don’t exactly have anything in common, but at lest he has no motive other than being friendly to have a conversation with me.

Around 10ish Bossman and FB turned up. I’d taken my laptop, CDs and headphones to work today so I plugged into my music and ignored them unless they spoke directly to me. Apparently I missed an argument between them…. But never mind. FB told me about it later anyway.

Bossman either ignored me or vanished down to the shop for most of the time I was there, and I was left with FB who was making more calls. Eventually she asked what I was listening too, and when I told her said “Is no one else allowed to listen?” so I took the headphones out and played it properly. Personally I’d have thought that as she was making important phone calls she wouldn’t have wanted ‘alternative’ music blasting away in the background….. Then she told one of the people she was supposed to be doing business with that she was a ‘drunk’. Not professional, but maybe she is starting to see that she’s a bit of a wino (some hope). After the phone calls, to builders and the like trying to get the shop finished (strangely enough she was finding it hard! Might have something to do with the way she and Bossman treated Andrea and Clive? Or has word got round that he has no money?) she announced that she “should be in sales”. HA! In sales? She’s a market stall worker! She is in sales, and she’s CRAP! After hearing her phone manner I can assure you she would NOT be any good at tellesales either. Also she has decided that we are friends and had a long chat, and a rant. She went on a great length about how she should not b sorting out Bossmans dirty work, and that he should answer / call the suppliers and not make her do it. And in the very next breath she said that anyone could stand in a shop and serve, she could do so much more. Well, if she’s too good for shop work, and office work is below her, exactly what does she think she’s going to do?

What made me laugh the most is when she went on a such great length how much she thought the company ‘needed’ me, and that she thinks the website should be a key focus, blah, blah, blah. Who does she think she’s kidding? She want me out, I know that. It was stated in the same conversation in which she said she wanted D and S out (D’s gone, S is next), and that she and LapDog should be in charge of the QSt shop! (Guess who’s going to be running it!). So as these two prophesies have come to pass, I am inclined to believe that she did indeed say that she should be the one running the eBay shop and – get this – the web site!

The thick cow can’t even make a listing worth 99p properly! She paid 15 pounds to list something worth less than 1 pound THREE TIMES on eBay! And she thinks she can build a web site? HA!

Already she is supposed to be doing half of the eBay stuff. I’m doing the auctions as normal, and she’s supposed to be listing things in the shop inventory (the 30 day, 5p listing that isn’t searchable. I do the auctions to being people to the shop). I say supposed because in the time it took me today to build half the QTec section of the MM web site, she had listed all of 3 games! And she had complained about all of those (and, might I add, messed them up!)

Just at the end of my day I asked Bossman a few questions,

  • Had D gone = yes

  • Are you closing the market stalls = yes

  • Is SB coming back = maybe, we’re talking

  • Is LapDog going to work in the shop = yes

  • What about S = If LapDog is here we probably wont need him

Well, I think it would be best if S stayed because SB and FB hate each other an wont work together, FB and LapDog just wont to any work if they are left together, and Bossman will need 2 members of staff in every day if someone’s going to be eBaying and using the PerfectPlay CD fixing machine. Someone has to be serving too (ha, if they get any customers that is!). The way I see it, SB and LapDog should work together, and FB and S should work together. That way there is always someone there who will actually WORK! It won’t happen like that though. That’s sensible!

I’m home alone at the moment. Yorkie’s had the day off so he’s been out with Mark for the day. I got a text through the day telling me he was out, and a phone call just after 8 to say he’d set off within the half hour, but he seemed happy enough, and it’s pouring with rain, so I said if he held on till 9pm (after stargate!) I’d come and pick him up. That way he has longer with his mate, doesn’t get wet coming home, I get him home in time for him to be OK for work tomorrow, and I get to watch my show! Not bad, eh?

It took 4 and a-half years, but I finally got him trained to call me when he’s in the pub! He doesn’t call he gets shit, he does call and he gets to play out and not be nagged! That’s all it takes, give me a call! Hee hee!


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