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MM Valentine... My last day (for real)

So I'm woken up this morning by my beloved wishing me a happy valentines and offering to bring me breakfast as today I have to go off to work, but he doesn't. Everything seemed well enough with the world. I got ready for work, and my breakfast and the delivery man arrived with my Avon order (which included my Valentines gift from Yorkie) and I was just about to set off for MM when my mobile rings. Yorkie's closest and grabs it for me. "It's Bossman" he tells me, and already know what he's going to say.

"Good morning Charlie are you?"
"Very well, thanks, you?"
"I'm good. This is just a curtesy call really. Don't come in today...."
"Ahh, you got me emails about the web site?" it expires on the 26th
"Yes, I did."
"And you don't want to carry on with it then?"
"Not right now, no"
"OK, well, I'll come in in a bit anyway and collect my things."
"I wont be there"

Goodbyes, and we hung up. I was dumbstruck! And I really shouldn't be. I have seen this coming. I knew that when the site went, so would I. But we are SO skint right now! And I was going to use that money to buy Yorkie's valentine.

After a few moments to compose myself (with the help of lot of hugs from Yorkie) I relised that Bossman still owed me money... I had worked another half week worth of work since my last payment, and damed if I was missing out! So I called him back!

"bossman, it's just charie again. Look, I've done half a weeks work, and there are some bits and bobs I have to do before I go, so I am still owed 25 quid"
"Oh, ok" Voice is trembling now. His, not mine
"I was going to buy some bit from you anyway. If cash is a problem I can just tale some stock if you like"
"Ok, yes, yes, do that then."
"Oh, and while I've got you, is this me not coming in today permanent, or do you want me back in a few weeks?" it's worth a try, right???
"I don't know" pauses, then continues "I want to talk to you anyway. MM has gone bust, and I want to distance myself from it. When I have, and I am self employed, I'll want an ebay shop and web site."
"Oh, ok. Well fine. You just call me later then"

And off I went. I packed up the stuff that had sold off ebay. The web site orders will have to be refunded - AGAIN - but that's not my problem. J helpped me pack up because I had opted for the free 1 hour parking. No point paying to park if I'm not getting a wage!

She was highly miffed too! When she came in I explained that I had been let go, and that I would be taking stock instead of wages, and she asked when I'd been let go. So I told her what had happened that morning. Her face turned to thunder! She told me that bossman had not tld her about ANY of us being fired until he'd done it, she only knew the market stalls were closing because she over heard FB on the phone closing them!n She said it was "strange" how last years books were "missing". Bossman has had her going through all the invoices and other paper work and re-writting them!!!!! She also went on a rant about how she didn't like FB, and the bossman had lied to her through out her interview, telling her what a great businessman he was, and what a good business he was running. Now she knows different and it livid that she turned down two other jobs to take this one. She said she'd leave, but if she did that she's get no job seekers allowance so she'll wait until he lets her go too. Plus, with bossman doing his usual run-and-hide routine J has no actual work to do, and she's sat there doing nothing for 16 hours a week.

My my my how that sounds familiar!

So I did what I had to do. J helpped my stick the envalopes on the orders, and just as they were almost finished bossman rangmy mobile again

"Where are you now?"
"In the office....."
"oh! I thought you were just picking up your stuff"

Now, when I called him back, I had explained that I would pack off all the orders that were there to go while I was in. Basically because I knew it would either be done wrong or not at all if I didn't and I still feel responsible for the stuff I have listed

"No, bossman, I said I'd do this, so I've done it."

In the background I can here FB screaming and whinning on, and eventually he just put her on the phone. She's been trying to do the same thing, but as she is THICK she was getting it wrong. So it's a good job I DID do it. She is SO THICK that she couldn't understand that the reason she couldn't sort out the sales is because I had already done them!

After all that I just picked out 35 pounds worth of stock (cost price mind, not shop price) said bye to J and LapDog and left. Never to darken MM doors again!

Now, to chill out, I am baking bread, and in a little while I shall go out with my Avon orders, and finally settle in to a nice quiet romanic evening with my man.


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